Selling digital downloads

can anyone help me with a problem of selling digital download? i have an “Add to cart” button on my website from paypal. so far it works. but now the buyers can not find the digital ( mp3 song ) download that they purchased. does the code from paypal not give them the download? Am i supposed to direct them to the download? if so how would i be able to give them one download or 5 if they ordered in multiples? seems every time you take one step forward you take one back and then one sideways. help…

PayPal is just a payment service. It has nothing to do with supplying the product, whether physical or digital. That’s up to you.

There are various ways you can sell digital goods. You could, for example, install some software on your website that interacts with PayPal and sends a special email to customers with product download links. An example of this is LinkLok.

Another, simpler option is to use a 3rd party service like FastSpring or [URL=“”]eJunkie.

tahnbks ralph

If PayPal is more cumbersome than what you’re looking for, check out some other 3rd party payment processors that specialize in downloads. Do some simple searches for multiple keyword terms related to the goal you’re trying to accomplish, i.e., ‘direct download billing’, or ‘mp3 download billing’.

Best of luck!

thanks tj.
i was getting into eJUNKIE.
they seem to be okay.
haven’t followed thru yet.
thanks for getting back to me.
mike k

In addition to the hosted sites, there are a few solutions that let you host and deliver the digital download files directly from your site. I personally use Firesage Checkout,, which included a php installer, provided time-bombed download links, and integrated directly with Paypal Digital Goods.

Good luck selling!

Shopping cart configured to work with digital product will work too. More control over the products