Selling eBook / digital products online - please help

Hi all,

I’m looking at setting up a site for selling several digital products on line (these are digital templates and digital books). It’s all low level probably 20 products maximum and low value also ($10 to $50.00) so I don’t need anything too complex.

What is the best solution for a fully automated function.

There seems to be soooo many options from WordPress ecommerce to Hosted Storefront. My concerns are cost, scalability of the site, and SEO of the site.

Keen to here of others experience and what options I should consider.

thanks so much

Yes, there are so many options, it’s quite overwhelming. IMHO, the most simple and attractive option out there right now is provided by GumRoad. It’s a beautiful system, very simple and beautiful, and if you live in the US, funds are deposited right into your bank account (or into PayPal if you live outside the US).

Another nice option is to use Stripe as a payment system (again, only available in certain countries). You need a bit of programming skill to use it on its own, though, so if that’s not your thing, there are many carts that connect with it. For example, FoxyCart has a nice integration with it, and they are good for setting up a simple, scalable cart with downloads.

Or you could, of course, check out the other ten million options/combinations/configurations available! :rolleyes:

Its all these options that left me scratching my head and not launching for the last year :).

I’ll look into those options though, and thank you.

I did look at shopify as a fully package solution but concerned that for search rankings, managing files etc, I may be limited.

Thanks again