How could i signify a site as a Google blacklisted site?


As a SEO i notice that this is an important factor to signify a site which is Google black listed. But the question is what is the quickest and easiest way to find out which site is Google blacklisted or not???..

If your site is blacklisted I’d assume that it wouldn’t show up in Google searches.

Then again, I’ve never tried to cheat Google, so it’d be hard to tell. If you’ve tried dirty tactics to make your site popular and it’s stopped working then deep down I think you know if your site has been blacklisted or not.

search in google with site:domainnahe .If you are seeing results for site it is not blacklistetd ,if donot found is has been banned

There is no published list of blacklisted sites. What does being an SEO have to do with blacklisted sites? If it is your, put in a reconsideration request.

Was your site previously indexed by Google? If Google have suddenly stopped your indexing then it might be that your site is blacklisted.

Check with various tools available on the Internet to verify.