How to promote website

I just came up with new internet site.
Any suggestions how i could promote it?
Good websites where i could publish articles, submit links and so on…

I list my products(silk ties) on various classified sites,which bring some traffic to my stie

Ezinearticles and Goarticles are two of the best for article submission, and you could add comments to various blogs in your niche too

If You want to promote your site, then firstly make your website SE friendly then make some valuable inbound links to your site.

There many ways to promote your website(s) but they are time consuming from my experience. Here are some suggestions.

Blog commenting
Web directories
Article Submission

I would say create and Facebook page. Attract fans or buy them.

You can promote your website through SEO.They are two methods are is On page optimization and another one off page optimization.Onpage optimization helps to make site search engine friendly.Off page optimization helps to build link building.

You can promote your site by doing off page like directory, article, bookmarking, forum etc.

No matter what your site is about I would highly recommend writing and submitting articles to ezinearticles, goarticles, articlesbase, hubpages, and squidoo. This will get you a lot of backlinks and also articles that will get traffic.

Try offering free, original, and quality content and get more backlinks on your site. Focus on the content of your keywords that are related to your topic and advertise your presence.

I will add, video dump websites, facebook, twitter, myspace, free blogger platforums, linkbumps, yahoo answers

This is a rather ambiguous question. The first thing you should do is NOT place your link where it is not allowed. This will only bring you problems and make you appear to be a spammer. Now, going back to your question, there are just WAY too many ways to promote a website, and every single method works very differently with each site. This said, you should first ensure that your site is fully optimized with all of the SEO tactics. Second, begin to try different methods. Unfortunately the only way to determine which marketing option is going to work best for your site is to do Trial and Error. Try, test, and decide. Remember that each marketing campaign also relies on a number of factors in order to give you positive results. Therefore, do not fall for false promises of ROI or X number of sales. Sales are subject to your product, niche and of course your AD, not just the traffic that you drive. I think you have a lot of homework to do. You just can’t expect someone to do it for you!:rolleyes:

As a starter you could try - a free service for submitting links to several social bookmarking site. Spend some time signing up to the various SB sites, but later on its all automated.

Well if it is a local directory, have you thought about doing it locally? Hook up with the local paper run a trial period and offer these to companies.

You can also send out promotional stuff such as flyer and even christmas cards with your URL on it.

Some of the top article directories are:


One of the best way to promote a site is Facebook Add World which has 500 million users you can also try google Adsense also.

you have “Google search engine”, you just need to search free directory list & article list.

it depends what kind of your site.
my site is silk tie store i list my products to various classified sites ,which bring some traffic to my site

Your need better way to promote the website only seo you need following service for promote for website

Directory Submission
Articles Submission
Press Rel.
Blog comments
Link Building

Hopefully your understand the following services …

I’d message anyone who deals with link exchanges. You always have the option to offer them a temporary free listing if it helps your SEO.