Help to promote a website like

Hello, i need your help. I am launching a website similar as … please can you tell me some tips to promote this kind of website ?

Thanks in advance !

Link building is huge, but really the best strategy is to just contribute quality content, and also increasing your web presence by being active in forums and blog comments, etc.

PM sent … for the basic things must have for the website…

I just looked the site up on site explorer and saw they had 230,000+ pages and 118,000+ inlinks. If you are planning on being better optimized than this site you will need to hire help for sure. Make sure you have lots of pages and lots of inlinks. Good luck.

Link Building is the solution. Do social bookmarking, directory submission, article submissin forum posting

Aside from all the off-page techniques you have mentioned, on-page techniques such as the proper usage of carefully-researched keywords is a must.

First you optimized your website then do anything.

Off and on-page SEO can effectively help promote your website and increase traffic significantly.
Hope this helped.


Do social bookmarking, it’s better for your target market, a research demostrates, that users prefer sites like the one you have, because of the possibility of getting out of the routine, you have a big chance.

Also optimize your site for SEO, and if you can, do SEM (Search Engine Marketing) it can be free, and also you can pay for it.