How to make complaint about domain registrar? (.com)

Does anyone know of or have experience making an official complaint about a domain registrar. I was thinking maybe ICANN?

My situation:

I purchased a .com domain name at the end of 2010 for 1 year. I own a number of domain names and can’t keep track of them individually so I turned on automatic renewal. The domain in question points to another domain and I very rarely check it. The domain registrar however registered the name for 2 years on their computer system (by mistake). As a result I never received any notifications about renewing it and the domain wasn’t automatically renewed.
Today I find that it is actually owned by a domain broker who is selling it (at over $2000). The registrar still shows the domain as not expiring for another 4 months.

What should I do? The registrar just says they made a mistake and are sorry but won’t do anything about it.

I am deliberately not including the registrar or domain in this post so as people don’t think I’m advertising.

Perhaps you can’t do anything. ICANN is monitoring the world wide and they will not entertain single domain acquisition problem.
I think you should contact the reseller, they can help you, or you can ask for the cost of domain.

[FONT=verdana]Actually, ICANN does have a complaint resolution service, although it’s not clear from their site whether it would cover this particular case. Take a look at the notes at, or their complaint submission form at

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