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I had a domain booked with Gusite(+ its associated Partner). It was to be renewed, but due to CC failure it could not, later I added a new credit card after 3 days and processed payments, but GSUITE says that domain got expired 3 days back and you have to contact the registrar. Gsuite has refunded the money. I am contacting the registrar since then, but no reply. Registrar is a giant in domain booking. Any way can we take any action like going to Icann?

The domain is still in registrars custody and is 10 years old registration.

Is it a domain which falls under Icann’s jurisdiction? Not all domains do. For example, .uk domains are managed by Nominet.

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I’m not sure ICANN is going to respond to ‘make your registrars answer their emails over a weekend’.
Maybe give them a couple of business days?

Off-topic: Nominet sounds delicious.

It is a .com domain.

I dont think if we have correct options for such complaints:

I am not a legal man I am not sure if it falls under ombudsman legislation:

Not to beat the dead horse, but it’s probably because “Godaddy didn’t respond to my email over the weekend” isn’t a valid complaint.

But the domain that I was holding from 10 years will be out of my capacity to reorder - If they do not help. GSUITE used to give a login to Registrar that login also doesn’t work anymore.

Gusite is saying that this is out of our control the only registrar can help. So there should be some way or in some weeks they will throw my domain to exhibition considering its brandability or some cybersquatting company will buy it when I am unable to.

#1: Based on what information are you making that claim?
#2: Why are you complaining about them before they fail to respond ‘in some weeks’? As long as they hold onto it, they can respond to you at their leisure, and your complaint is completely null.
#3: ICANN does not own GoDaddy; they are not a business supervisory board, they have no control or oversight over the practices of registrars other than their actions with respect to a domain. ICANN does not control GoDaddy’s email ticket system.

Keep in mind also the following:

  • Godaddy is a company.
  • Companies want your money.
  • Your money is spent paying for domain services.
  • They sell domain services.

It is in their interest to communicate with you, and i’m sure they will do so. But understand that your domain is not the only domain in the world, and not the only one their automated system has dealt with this day/hour/minute/second.

If there are, as you say ‘cybersquatting companies’ watching your domain, then no doubt there are black hat ones out there sending emails to registrars daily saying “I am the rightful owner of and this domain should belong to me and…”

So exhale. You’ve already told us yourself your domain hasn’t gone anywhere yet. Panic when it has, sort things out reasonably until then.

I have sent them 7 emails, first one was sent on 21 December 2019. So >3 weeks, but no communication. Domain was expired on Dec, 19, 2019 → But it was still in redemption period.

Redemption is not yet over nor the registry is deleted.

Have you tried calling one of their world wide support numbers?

Yes, 2Hour 19minutes, but still could not get live Human bcoz of I was in the queue. This long hold happened 3 times in last 10 days. They even didnt replied on Twitter Handle.

Persist. Persist. Persist.

At worst, call the US number. You seem to have a strong grasp of the english language, if it’s not your primary language, and the average wait time on the US number is generally very short.

Also, while waiting on the phone, connect to their “messaging” thing in the bottom right of that page. It may or may not be able to help you. I’ll be honest, haven’t gone through that one far enough to know if it actually connects you to a human being or not.

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I am born and raised in India. English is not my Primary language. Although my A-Z education is in English medium schools, infact it was a convent school in India.

Your english is certainly strong enough that you can communicate fluently. I don’t know what the international calling costs are like, but if it gets you the contact you need to sort out your issue, it would be worth it it seems to me.

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I will give it a try.

Yes, It does.

Sounds like a frustrating situation, although all that you can do now is just keep trying to contact them.

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More than a frustrating looks like we are dealing lawless economy.

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