Resolving a grievance for a .com domain

Can anyone advise me if there is an authority who resolves issues with domain providers.

I took out a domain with and when this company folded the domain was passed to Extendnet. They must be the worst providers in the world. They refuse to respond to emails and claim they sent an email to tell me my domain had expired. I had to cough up £108 to get the domain re-registered and even then it took weeks for them to do this. I desperately want to move the domain to another provider but the contact email on the domain has been set to one with which no longer exists. Extendnet’s support panel allegedly lets you change the contact email but if you try it just throws an error message.

I have contacted their mother company who want another £36 to transfer the domain to a ‘partner account’. This is such a scam.

If it were a domain I could contact Nominet but have never had issues with a .com domain so don’t know the correct procedure and would really appreciate any advice.

Can you contact them by phone? Sometimes that can get you better results than an email that can simply be ignored.

Unfortunately they don’t provide a contact number. And they don’t answer emails. Even their support form says they are having problems and just to send another support ticket if you don’t get an answer. I’ve done this and a month later still can’t get a response.

I contacted their mother company who stated that Extendnet were their resellers and that they had no control over what they did. But, they did seem to have enough control to get the domain transferred to them if I paid another £34 on top of the money I had already paid, and then they would allow me to transfer the domain to 123Reg. This is such a scam and I feel there should be a controlling body who should look into malpractice like this.

Here’s their WHOIS information:

You might be able to grab a physical address and company ID and maybe a phone number out of that.

It looks like they might be registered through this company:

You might be able to put in a complaint about the registrar if they are violating the registrar agreement:

Beyond that, I’m not familiar with how to handle domain disputes outside the US, unfortunately.

Thanks, I’ll have a go at getting their phone number. I’ve used nominet in the past for disputes with a domain and they were exceptionally helpful. Unfortunately they don’t deal with .com domains. I may phone them anyway and ask their advice.