Want to complaint about domain registrar?

As I would like to refer the below link , which is quite similar to my query but not upto mark to resolve my issue.

I have bought a domain example.org same at name.com , i don’t know how it was available to buy, but my case after buying Name.com has taken back from me after 1 day crossed ??

As I was become current owner of this, name.com has breached the trust of ICANN by taking my domain without even before asking to me??

It was here domain might may or may not having expiry date, i didn’t know, i just saw it was brought in my cart to buy that domain so i bought. SIMPLY.

Please help me to let my domain back or to file a complaint against name.com

Ram Babu

What reason did they give for doing so? Have you tried contacting them to sort things out?

There may have been a glitch somewhere name.com has been registered for years. From what I see the expiry month is November so it should not have been expired and somebody else brought it at the same time as you.

The only way you are going to get a sensible answer is contact the people you tried to buy the domain from.

As I understand it, @Rubble, Name.com is the registrar, not the domain @rambabuseo purchased.

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Hey TechnoBear, Rubble

I know name.com is registrar , i am referring name.com as registrar who broke breach of trust of ICANN, where I bought domain : match.org from name.com when it was available.

Now, they are saying, there was some issue in their system cause this domain available for registration.

I bought within secs as i saw it came in my cart. After one day they (name.com) are giving excuse to take my domain back ??

Also, I am much confident that the domain: match.org ownership is me because of domain date seems to be indicating to me which was created by me on June-10-2016, if this belongs to him, then the domain creation date should be previous of year 1994.


You don’t say if you have contacted name.com and what they have replied…

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That sounds not unreasonable to me, and it seems they acted very promptly to correct their error. Presumably they have also refunded what you paid.

I can understand why you feel frustrated, but I don’t think you have any real grounds for lodging a complain against Name.com, based on what you have told us.

Okay, technobear…

then what you say on this link:

where one of same owner who has a domain which will be expiring in 4 months later. But same sort of sudden error that caused his domain bought by someone. And you know what registrar saying . .we can’t do anything. One of user said, only can complaint over mentioned ICANN.

The topic you are linking to describes a very different situation. That member registered a domain and then lost it after two years because their registrar made a mistake, which they failed to notice.

But there are links in that topic to the ICANN complaints procedure, so feel free to look at it and see if you think you have grounds to complain.

I’m really not sure what you want us to say or do here.

My concern is why then the creation of domain is new which comes during I bought this domain.

If this belongs really to previous owner, then whois information should be same previous owner with old creation date.

I already booked a complaint against Name.com

Let’s see.


Thanks for pointing that out @TechnoBear

The domain you were looking at on a whois site:
Expires On October 18, 2016
Registered On October 19, 1994
Updated On October 19, 2015

Mistakes happen and it might not be the problem of the registrar, they just query a database and display the results. They replied to you explain there was a problem and have presumably refunded your money
The registrar can not be that bad otherwise they would not still be trading.

I know buying a domain name is frustrating but if I was you I would forget about it and move on. You have made your point here and complaining is not going to suddenly make them take the domain away from the owners and give it to you.

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Thanks for the reply rubble,

Then why the domain whois info & creation date is different than previous owner once they created on year of 1994.

Something is unfair I am pretty sure, if the whois contact info & creation date would show same as was before, then I have no issues, I can leave. But if the creation date as of my date creation, then this must belong to me.

If the original registration was allowed to lapse or cancelled in error (whatever it was which lead to it appearing to be available) then it doesn’t seem strange to me that when the error was corrected, a new registration record had to be created.

But once again, I think you are asking these questions in the wrong place. We can only guess at what has happened. The people to ask, in the first instance, are Name.com.

I have been discussing all this with Name.com and finally booked complaint against Name.com at icann.org

I am here just to know what experience I can get.

Thanks for all for sharing your valuable views on my query.

Ram Babu