How to install wordpress on Local Host?

I wanna learn about wordpress. But i don’t know wordpress installation … Please help me …

Are you using MAMP? If so there’s a good tutorial here: Installing WordPress Locally on Your Mac With MAMP « WordPress Codex

for apache friends - xampp
download: XAMPP and install it.
Transfer and paste wordpress folder ex. [site1] under htdocs (you can find it from C:\xampp\htdocs\ )

You also need to make a blank database


edit the wp-configsample.php from wordpress then provide the necessary info - save it to wp-config.php

run the installation:


sample wordpress integrate to facebook application: One Piece


You can install wordpress on your local computer. Try to get “xampp” server installed on your computer. Once you are done, start the server from the server configuration console. The service required for wordpress are Apache and phpMyAdmin.

You can test the server using the http://localhost. Once you are able to access the default page it means that the web server is now running fine and you can move to step 2, i.e, installation of wordpress.

Locate the Htdocs directory on the c:\xampp(usually it is installed here by default). Now look for the htdocs directory and create a sub directory under it. Lets say ‘yoursite’. Now the url of your local wordpress installation would be http://localhost/yoursite/.

Next step is to extract and upload the wordpress installation files that you can get from wordpress website. Once the files and directories are copied to ‘yoursite’ directory, you need to update the wpconfig.php file for database connectivity. Visit this URL to create a database and username so that you can edit that on the wpconfig.php file - http://localhost/phpmyadmin/

Crete a database and add a user to it. Put that database name and user name in the wpconfig file. The host name will be localhost.

Thats all we need to do and you can visit the Installation URL http://localhost/yoursite/wp-admin/install.php and follow the instructions.


I found the six revistions tutorial on this good.:

Using XAMPP for Local WordPress Theme Development

If you come across any issues with mysql let me know as I did and perhaps I can share what I learnt

There are many ways of installing wordpress on a local host,Just try to search it from google there are many tips there that you can use…

As an alternative to XAMP, take a look at the Bitnami Wordpress Stack. I have it installed on my Windows 7 notebook. Simple and straightforward.