How to install wordpress on Localhost?

Please tell me steps of install wordpress on localhost …

What have you tried so far? Have you checked the WordPress documentation?

Do you have XAMPP or equivalent installed, working and running?

Just go to and download wordpress then install xampp software on your pc. Then paste wordpress folder in xampp/htdocs.
Go to browser type localhost access wordpress and configure according to wordpress instructions … That’s it …

@diversityguy let us know what kind of system your running (Windows, Mac, etc.) so we can better help you.


I found the six revisions installation guide the best here:

Using XAMPP for Local WordPress Theme Development

I came across some issues with mysql so if you do let me know I’ll try and share what I did

This sounds like what I’ve been looking for. I take it that XAMP is not not the same as programs such as MarsEdit and Blogo–which enable working on a site “off-line”, but not really being able to view the site ahead of time.
(Sorry, I’m not too good at using, or understanding, the correct terminology for all this.)

I presently have a site which I can view, using Safari, before I’ve actually uploaded the content to the actual web site. This is what I’d like to do with my WordPress attachment to the site. The hosting company I use has already installed Wordpress for me, and it is attached to my site with an “/blog” addition to my site’s domain name. At present, however, I can only view the Wordpress content that I’ve actually synced from the site to my computer, and then only when I have an internet connection. This does not help me make timely corrections.

Will an XAMP installation allow me to view my last Wordpress revisions before I’ve actually transmitted them to my site?

first download XAMPP and WORDPRESS for their own site. then install xampp and extract the wordpress file.
now after install xampp in “c:\” drive in your pc then go to “c:\xampp”. here click on xampp-control and start mysql and apache. now time to create a database. for that write “localhost” in firefox then select a language and then click on “phpmyadmin” here create a database.
then put the extracted wordpress folder into c:\xampp\htdocs directory. and choose a browse like firefox and write http://localhost/wordpress … here wordpress is the folder name which you put into htdocs directory. however press enter. now give your username,password, database name etc by instruction. thank you. if you want take a look

The idea of XAMPP is that you work on a site entirely on your own PC, then upload the lot—database and all—when you are finished. If the site is already online, my preference is to work on it live online and just not make is findable by the public until it’s ready. That is, don’t have a Blog link on the rest of your site until the blog is ready to see. If you are just taking about publishing posts for you to see before the public does, that probably is possible, but I’m not familiar enough with WordPress to be sure.

You can also use a maintenance mode plugin to make it inaccessible to unauthorized visitors:

Hi, you can install wp on localhost in several way:

Bitnami Wordpress Stack works with all OS or Windows Web Matrix if you use Windows