Anyone using WordPress on Win10?

Never been into using this kind of software. I’m only working on my own box (localhost) and on reading the instructions I see I need to install WebPI, then after I have finished installing WordPress I will no longer be able to use localhost for my Apache server. If this is correct,how do I run my php scripts, at the moment its localhost/info.php

Should point out I already have php,mysql and apache installed

At this stage I’m not even sure I have an understanding of what WordPress is and that is why I wanted to install it.

Thanks for any/all replies

I’m pretty sure that’s only if you want to run PHP of off the Windows server.

If you unzip WordPress into your htdocs folder create the database, and configure, it should be fine without WebPI

WordPress is a PHP with MySQL application, and if you have those already you’re off to a good start.

Just out of curiosity, how were Apache, PHP and MySQL installed? Were they done as individual installations, or as some form of packaged WAMP install (if so which one)? That shouldn’t take anything away from what @Mittineague has said, which should serve you just fine, but it might be useful to know if you encounter any other difficulties.

for localhost. you can select xampp . this good and easy way.

Thanks again.

I prefer to write my own scripts and build my own databases, html etc rather than using things like MyAdmin, joomla ?? etc, but these days I,m not only building for it to be seem on a computer monitor theres all the other things to consider, cellphones, tablets,and all the other things an old man doesn’t know about.So I was thinking it could be smart to get something that would at least do the html correctly. Problem is they are a learning curve I’m not that interested in, but I need this website to work correctly cos its for my daughter. Do you think WordPress would fit my needs ??

Individual installations dude. Shouldn’t have taken as long as it did but I haven’t been on a computer for 7yrs so just getting around win10 was a challenge

If you installed each separately you won’t have (php)MyAdmin unless you installed that separately too.

In fact, creating a database from the CLI is relatively easy.

But I wouldn’t recommend replicating the WordPress table schema that way. Once the database exists and you connect to it, running the WordPress install page will do that for you.

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I have also the same problem in win10 but after reading this discussion it’s solved :slight_smile:

You need to install xampp on win 10

To clarify, the “need to” is blatantly incorrect.

One can install XAMPP on Windows 10, no one needs to.

It is quite possible to install PHP and MySQL (any many other languages and databases) without using a bundled package.

Not as quick and easy as using XAMPP perhaps, but entirely possible and often preferred depending on the use case.


You can also use a vm which is the professional approach. I have local dev environment set-up on a surface pro 3 with windows 10 using config to create a vagrant vm. That is the best approach because it doesn’t only solve installing php but any other common dev dependencies as well. Where as on xampp you’re going to be sol with extensions, node, ruby… painful experience.

Hyper-V is a built-in option on Win10 too. I’ve got an Ubuntu server instance sitting on mine.

I’m using OpenServer for a Wordpress site on my Windows 10 and it’s working good.

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