Install on local machine

I am new with word press so I would like to install it on my local machine to practice on. I already have apache, mysql & php installed on my machine. My question is what directory do I put it in? do I put it in htdocs apache or elsewere? Thanks Pat

Here is a nice tutorial may give you the answer:

Thanks Tom8, but I installed apache & the lot individually. Don’t have php admin (never could get it to work).

Instead of installing them individually, maybe it is better for you to install wampserver instead. This package will include everything you need to set up a localhost with Apache, MySQL, PHP, and PhpMyadmin.

Apache got a webroot folder, htdocs or something else. You can create a separate folder for the website.
Create a database for the site using phpMyAdmin or by command line utility.
Copy all wordpress upload folder content in the site folder. Change the config file.
Run the site on browser, this should lead you to the install process.

good luck.

Yes, the “public root” folder for Apache is htdocs.

I had XAMPP on my old machine and it worked fine. But for the one I have now I wanted APACHE, PHP, Perl, Python and MySQL separate so I could upgrade them individually. A bit more of a pain setting them up but good if you can manage IMHO. But if you get get frustrated don’t let it stop you, go with a packaged bundle instead.

Instead of phpMyAdmin, I installed MySQL Workbench, definitely a lot different from what I’m used to, but I’m getting the hang of it.