How to increase traffic and visit on Facebook page

Give me very well ides in sort time increase traffic and visit on Facebook page

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1- share link of your page with your friends.
2- write good & engaging content & share it in groups.
3- social awerness campaigns & involve facebook friends & public.
4- Try to use Facebook ads to achive the objectives
5- Create event and promote

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I have a facebook page for my Company
I want to increase traffic on the page.
Please suggest some steps to do it.

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I would also suggest you have a look around the Social Media category, as you’ll find similar questions have been asked before. For example:

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Facebook ads can help you increase trafifc. If you never run facebook ads before, you can find an agent of facebook outsite and they can help you.

Is it mandatory to go with paid method for increasing the likes? Like you said “page ads” - Can’t we increase our likes without investing money?

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Did you look at the threads I linked to in post #7? You’ll find other suggestions there.

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Traffic and visit to the Facebook page depends upon few factors.
Some of them are:

Update the Facebook page on regular intervals. Give your audience useful posts regularly. By liking your Facebook page, they will expect some useful information from you.

Time of post
Publish your posts at the time your fans are active on Facebook. Keep a track of the right time when your fans are busy on using Facebook.

Keep Engagement
Engage with your audience by providing answers to their queries, conducting small contests etc.

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Just keep posting on your page.
Share your page diff social media sites
Host contest on your page.
You can also buy real likes for your pages

Note : Always buy likes from verified and genuine sites

No, you can’t. By definition, if you have bought it, it is not a “real” like. Real likes are those given by page visitors who have read your content and found it genuinely enjoyable, not those given by people paid to click a button.

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