I've setup facebook page but not sure how to get relevant traffic and real likes..?

I have set up a facebook page but don’t know how to get real likes from the customers who want to purchase my products. I want to target only USA customers…how can i do it?

First of all you should invite your friends to like this page from your personall account and then you should join your business relevant groups on facebook and try to post fresh and attractive posts, i hope you will get good figure of likes and for traffic you should post your website’s home page as well as inner pages on this like page regularly.

Why would you be targeting people who don’t have your products first? The logical “low hanging” people to engage with are those who have already jumped on board, bought in and want to connect for further ideas, updates and to exchange with each other.

Get engaged with other people - as simple as that!

Facebook is all about being social. Talk to people and publish quality posts and likes should come!

One of the methods that is effective from my point of view is to comment on others like minded pages. Decide what your niche or subject of expertise is and capitalize on it. Try to find pages that have a good number of users and a page that is active with posting and commenting. You can create a good bit of exposure there and if you make useful and insightful comments then you can gain followers very easily that way.

If you have a website, inform the people that you have a Facebook page by using a Facebook badge, or a Like button. Anything that can inform them that you have a Facebook page would do. I have a question, by the way. I want to make things easier for you. Why not target those who have already bought your product, just like what Ted mentioned? It’s going to be a lot easier to target them, especially when you’ve given them great products and services.

If you can spend few dollars then run your page ad on facebook itself.

A really effective way of getting likes quickly is by using the “invite friends” option. You could even go through your friends list and make 5 of your friends admins…you could then ask them to invite all their friends to like your friends…Also Google Chrome has a plugin called " facebook select all" look for it and install it - it speeds things up:-)

You can search US communities and find the people who are in that communities, send friend request to them after making your page properly. In this way you can make more and more friends and group of US people.

You can also ask your friends to include some of your relevant posts to be included in their activity. Or message your friends’ buddies on facebook, informing them about your page if you have some time.

Only engaging with the people for promoting products wont be a good idea, you will need to make them friends and actively participate in groups and in discussion where yours friends hang out.

You can share the page with your friends and other contacts and ask them to like the page and share it within their friend circle. Include the FB page link in your email signature. It is quite possible that people reading your mail might go through the link in a curiosity to know what is it. Tweet your facebook page link. Try to include the link in the form of QR code in your business card. These are few suggestions. If possible can you please share the FB page link so that i can look at it and can suggest few more regarding the content and other things.

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Do and post things that people would want to like. :slight_smile:

here’s a great article that answers this question –> http://theoatmeal.com/comics/facebook_likes

in short: less marketing douchbaggery


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If possible can you please share the FB page link so that i can look at it and can suggest few more regarding the content and other things

put your Facebook page box (go to http://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/ ) on your website or blogs, and even on your squidoo lens and you will start getting natural and genuine likes

Update your website with helpful or informative information’s. Place like button of your fan page in a good place of your site. Send invitation to your facebook friends.