Is there any effective way to grab traffic from face book without ads cost.?


I have read many articles and blogs. But still quations reamins how to utilize web FB page effectively to grab traffic to website without incuring any single penny on FB ads or sponsored stories.

Alright brother, I got a tip for you. Choose a celebrity name or a company name and create a fan club with that name. Put amazing content like photos, jokes [ Simply copy + paste ]. You’ll easly get upto 1k likes in 1-3 months if you are lazy though otherwise it’s piece of cake. There is lot of facebook addicts over there. After getting like you can share your website. Yes, it’s not necessary to make a fan page on your website name if you really only want traffic, that’s all. Reply for any question

Getting user’s to like your page or even post stuff onto their timeline can attract organic traffic.

You can get good traffic from a facebook page without any cost but for that it is necessary for you to give a good attractive name to the page,Write good posts like jokes, articles,photos,informative content and you have to this on a regular basis…Promote your page in your society ,ask your friends to like the page…These all things will surely generate the traffic…

Yes, You can get good traffic from a facebook page without any cost but for that it is necessary your post should be interesting and liked more friends.

Sponsored Ads or Facebook Ads are an initiative by Facebook to encourage the businesses to advertise our business with Facebook as the advertising channel partner.
Facebook at the same time can be used as the mode of gaining organic traffic by mean of optimizing your page on Facebook.
The best way to generate traffic through Facebook is to make relevant post which are related to your products & services or company & must be unique with informative content towards which the users would be interested.
Facebook is a global platform on social media providing adequate & relevant information to the users with active participation & involvement in discussion with your customers through comments…& share…
Add more people to your network, send invitation to your friends to like the pages.create events about the happening in your organizations.

interact with people in group related to your fb page. update some stuffs with #tags regularly related to your page and share it in groups. create another fb page and point your main fb page link in all posts. this will help you to get traffic. invite more members.

You can try starting a sweepstake or contest. A very affective way to get people engage with you brand or facebook page.

That is nice idea but dude i tell you this it is easy to get traffic but it is also true that it will increased your bounce rate which is not good for SEO.

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Just share your blog on comments of big facebook pages posts. Message your facebook friends to visit your blog or subscribe and request them to share also. You can also create a facebook page for more visitors.

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What’s your website niche / topic?

How do you grab traffic to website through FB page, money free? Well, let’s just say you have to invest not on money but on TIME. You have to prioritize on engagement, and that can only be achieved through having REAL fans.

Share insightful posts and attractive images that are inline with your website/products/services, and if you have REAL fans that are really interested with what you could offer, engagement can be as smooth sailing. Then on your post, you can indicate your website’s url for their accessibility.

To grab traffic from Facebook without incurring a single penny, you have to first of all create an attractive Facebook page with more relevant information in the form of Infographics. images,videos , Reviews share by the people regarding your products & service.
Doing this take other visitors into confidence & at the same time do encourage them to find out how effectively they can get information from your sites.
Later on you can even share the images. photo of other companies provided it is relevant to your products & services, which might attract more visitors to your sites.

The best way to grab the traffic from Facebook with out ads cost is to make promotion through social networking sites such as groups posting , community sharing & engaging more number of people within your network & allowing them to share their view regarding your products & services regularly.Giving them the necessary update regarding your services in timely manner.

As always, quality content means something informative, funny, new ways of doing things make people share and like which will ensure organic traffic…