Best way to improve website traffic?

Hello All,
What is the best way to improve trafic for the website in Internet Marketing,
Please share your ideas…

The very first think you should take care about is the content of your website. Make your website attractive, user friendly and original. Please check your content is good and original. Next thing you can do is promotion. You can do it yourself. Put your website in social media sites and get into discussions and boards. A lot of sites like facebook , twitter, linkedin, pinterest, myspace etc are available. You can create quality backlinks for your site that will improve the ranking of your selected keywords. This way you can get traffic on your own. If you cant do all such things then simply hire someone.

Here’s 1 free traffic method that I like: Guest Blogging.

Some bloggers solicit guest articles, in which case you can create a blog post and submit it for consideration. However, even those that don’t advertise accepting guest articles may be open to the idea if you give them a reason why they should.

For example, you can:

  • Trade articles with the blogger (so that they get to post an article on your blog too).

  • Use the blog owner’s affiliates links in your article, so that they make money when their readers buy a product.

  • Offer something else attractive in trade, such as an endorsement in your newsletter.

I think you should focus on the content of your website. You should write content user friendly, attractive enough that your content is shared in social media and also people like to link to your site content. You can also promote your business on local directories, it can help to increase traffic to your site.