How to handle a hangover?

So this may be a stupid question for those of you who drink a lot. But I had a little too much rum last night, and I feel horrible right now. What do you do to help get over a hangover?

No water, please, it’s worst…

sleep, rest, take a shower, drink water



lemon water to get rid of hangovers best remedy

Who let the dogs out ? :lol:

They call it “the hair of the dog that bit you” !!!


All great tips! Thanks.

Apparently I am having a hard time keeping anything down, including the coffee I just drank.

Lots of fluids and an aspirin.

If you’re drinking, it’s best to take an aspirin before you go to bed, that’s the actual secret to avoiding a hangover.

^ Agreed. I tend to drink Orange Juice (Vitamin C mainly) before I go to a party because Alcohol is a poison and it gets rid of nutrients in yoru body. Bulking up on it makes you feel less crappy when you wake up :slight_smile:

Also if you eat before sleeping (after getting drunk) will keep a hangover away. :slight_smile: The only thing I know of to get rid of one that already exists is a little hair of the dog! :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Sleeping is the best remedy.

Before you drink eat some fatty foods like cheese and nuts, that keeps the hangover to a milder level. But controlling how much you drink is still the best method. Think before you drink :slight_smile:

I found when going to a party the best is to start with one drink to enjoy and then switch to soda water or other non alcoholic beverage. The next day feels so good then.

Caffeine = bad for hangovers

play loud music, drink hot beer and water mixed with salt, eat a lot of cream cakes, and do some hard labour

Pretty sadistic suggestion there Crazy :lol:

I still have a headache, but I think I am recovering. I’ve usually done a pretty good job on moderating my alcohol intake. I think last night I wanted to take it a little further for the experience. Not something that I will be doing anytime soon.

You can’t beat a good fryup - bacon, eggs, sausages the works - all cooked properly in lard :slight_smile:

… then fall alseep in front of the telly!


@Chris, sorry to hear that. I don’t have any tips as I don’t drink at all, well, except for a glass on New Year’s Eve.

I started drinking when I was 14 and spent 6 years “learning”. Then for the next 9 years I drank every day. During that time I would have said the best cure for a hangover is to NOT get sober :wink:
Since then I have not had even a single drink, (moderation is not in my vocabulary) so I would now say the best cure is to NOT get drunk :wink: