Why do u smoke?

Hey guys, Why do u smoke?
Note": for smokers only.
pls write sth… i mean anything u feel…

^That hurts me ! :frowning:


Unless you promise that I’ll live 30% longer, I’ll stick with the 30% cooler.

I wonder, is smoking nearly as bad and dangerous a habit as uselessly nattering about it to people who could poke you in the eyes with a burning stick of leaves?

Cooler but closer to death…The life is really hot !Smoking is a slow suicide, it kills no glory !

It’s scientifically proven to make you 30% cooler. Who doesn’t want to be 30% cooler?

But they hurt babies. Don’t ask what sort of loon would give a smoke to a baby in the first place.

I think psychologically I’m disciplining my inner child. :shifty:

You are right Chris. BTW: Smoking doesn’t free the mind… it makes you ignore the reality. If you smoke to get rid of stress in today’s world… you gotta have cig in your mouth 24/7.

Guys think for a moment… why should you destroy yourselves for no reason. There are other million ways to die for a valid reason.

Because it calms me down :slight_smile:

Well for starters they’re just plain delicious and make me smell good. Furthermore at $7 a pack they are so economical I’m surprised more people aren’t taking this opportunity to enjoy the real pleasures one gets from such a great product. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

[FONT=“Georgia”]Because after my molecules snap together with oxygen atoms there’s some material left over. Some of that, the lighter stuff, floats off and drifts through the air in plumes, and we see that as smoke.


And do not forget that most of the money is spent wisely when you purchase those cigs. It goes to support your beloved Government :smiley:

please do not mention government

we have rules against discussions involving politics


Hey, i wanna say one more thing. i just love to see the smoke i eject from mouth. And if i csnt see the smoke, i mean when i smoke in dark i dont feel the taste. i love to see the smoke while smoking…

Because all my friends is smoking. Then I find out that a non smoker inhaling those smokes from others has the big chance to have a lung cancer :smiley: That’s why I smoke until got addicted with it. :frowning: I need to quit maybe in time

I don’t.

I don’t smoke. my friends don’t smoke. I guess most people smoke because of peer pressure. When your friends smoke then you have a tendency to smoke also. Just like when your friends have boyfriend/girlfriend then you want to have one also. You want to go with the jive. You want to be in.

Yes, there are these rules. But the word Government is not included in that. The reason: Governments are supposed to be neutral institutions, not political ones :smiley:

Now if your view of that is ideological…

I dont smoke !! But a friend of mine who does says it helps him think better

To lose weight, scoff if you want, but it works for me.

Lost 8 kilos since July.

Smoke 2 cigars a day when I should really be eating - ******* A! eh?

(Dreading January when I have to give up [as usual] - but this time am not going to put weight on).

update - just found out I have Cancer, thats why I am losing weight, *hit.

I don’t smoke, but I dip because it tastes so good.