Go juice of choice

Ok devs, Rockstar or coffee?

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Mt Dew is my vice.

Coffee or herbal tea.

Tea, though a nice G&T is an acceptable alternative

very large Vanilla or Hazelnut latte for me!

Tea for me.
I’m weird in that I don’t do coffee.

I wouldn’t consider energy drinks for any activity that wasn’t energetic.

I don’t drink and code, who knows want that would result in.
That can wait until later…

I’m not known for my coding…

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I flip between Coffee, Redbull or NOS, MiO Energy, and 5hrs. MiO and 5hrs (and a water to drink) make me feel the best, but the taste gets old quick.

Mountain Dew, Mellow Yellow, etc. Those are my favorites.

I’m starting to drink a little bit more coffee. Not bad,but not on parr with soda.

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