It is cold here in Florida right now, so I had an appetite for a nice something warm. I made some fat banana pancakes. Yum :slight_smile: A cup of warm milk with that and some ginger jam.


Do you have some favorite foods you like to eat when it is cold?

[FONT=“Georgia”]This is Trinidad; Doesn’t get cold here.

But I do have food I like to make at night, especially when overnighting work. I’ll take a pic! :smiley:


We’re covered in snow as well.

I really like potatoes when it’s cold. A good dish with potatoes will do. Perhaps grated fried potatoes with apple mousse or something like that.

Yes, I do too, especially mashed ones with gravy over them. Yum :slight_smile: They make you feel warm inside.

I like having a nice hot cup of coffee and some noodles with bacon in it (yes I know it’s probably not the healthiest thing but OMG it’s so yummy) :lol:

Coffee is one of my favorites as well, I spice it up with ground chocolate when it is cold :slight_smile:

Noodles done any way are great. The bacon in them does sound yummy, I have to try that. I love slurpy noodles for cold weather, like drenching them in melted butter and cinnamon sugar over them, or taking a nice broth and letting them soak up that flavor. Yum :smiley:

:tup: nice share datura!

we’ve snow here aswell, i always drink tea, thats the one thing i need to have everyday cold or warm weather, i always like a hot meal for dinner but it doesnt have to be something i crave like with you and ur pancakes, cold weather or not im on a bit of a detox now so im on protein bars at the moment :lol:

ps: i love soft chow mein noodles they are my favourite! :tup:

Yep, tea I love as well. During the day I have hot tea when it is cold and ice tea when it is warm. I love many different varieties of tea, in the afternoon I can not drink tea with caffeine in it though, can not sleep if I did that.

Chow main noodles are fun. Slurp :smiley:

:lol: @ slurp :lol:

tea is great, it makes me drowsy if anything which is weird, im going to get some now :smiley:

Mmmm! Grilled ham wrapped over bacon. Call your local coroner before you indulge on this one. Or just leave a note behind.

Haha I am just now brewing a red Kalahari tea, I love that stuff. Full of flavor and anti oxidants.

Oh wow. That is double good fat there. Looks delicious. I love food with fat in it, I know better than to eat this all the time, but I do love the flavor of it. Great that you posted a picture McStompin :slight_smile:

Would be a bad idea for me to butter my food up… I’m lactose intolerant, last time I had milk in my food I ended up in the hospital :stuck_out_tongue:

That is a pretty nasty condition Alex. So you have to know what is in the foods you eat not to have a reaction. What do you do when you go to a restaurant? They often have dried milk in products.

I usually order fresh food (as in none of those packaged products), their pretty good these days about people with specific food needs, it’s pretty common for people to have allergies and such, and I seem to be one of those people who picks up medical conditions like souvenirs :stuck_out_tongue:

You unfortunate soul you :slight_smile:

Slow cooked beef or lamb stew with any of the following:

]Hot chilli powder
]Mashed potato
[/LIST]If you incorporate all four of those ingredients you remain perpetually warm.

god :rolleyes: :confused2 why did i have to check this thread, im hungry now and its too late to eat :smashy:

mizwizzy, It’s never to late to eat! How could you say that :stuck_out_tongue:

I really like potatoes when it’s cold. A good dish with potatoes will do. Perhaps grated fried potatoes with apple mousse or something like that.

:lol: of course it was, it was like 1am here lol, im now off to munch on a protein bar :weee: good times!