How to get people to upload videos?

As I complete my work-in-progress video site, I’m looking for ideas on how to get people to upload videos there. And ideas on where to concentrate my marketing to attract video content contributors. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

  1. Make it worthwhile.
  2. Make it simple.

Freebies rule the internet. Give something away for free… try a relative ebook.:slight_smile:

I would go with a contest of some kind. The last time I helped market a video site the owner actually gave away a 32" flat screen tv to the person that uploaded the most videos over 1 months time. It was a success.

what’s the idea of your video sharing site? what is special about it in comparison to youtube and vimeo? If you can answer this question it will not be a problem to have ppl upload there

People will share videos if there’s a reason for them to do so… Reasons can vary from a good contest or promotion but are mostly about traffic; you need to have enough exposure to justify the time it takes and giving you the content at all. Given the size of YouTube and the competitive players in the space you’ll need to have a very different value statement to get much activity going.

i agree with ted…

there are some things you can do: first you can ask the people you know, friends and that if they can contribute with your site, second you can ask or look for the people who can do that for you, means you need to put some money, third think for some catchy gimmicks, a contest is one or give some freebies and that, etc…