Please share ways to submit Contests

Hi all,

I developing a contest and wanted to see if any one out there has any experience with this that they can share. I’m currently compiling a contest but want to know places I can submit this out to so I can get the word out. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Cheers.

Well, it really depends on the type of contest you are hoping to do. There is a different contest for a particular niche and that is how you have to consider approaching it in order to get people interested. For example, if what you are giving away is physical products like apparel, or even gift certificates for I don’t know, restaurants or spas, you can advertise at social network sites.

If your contest has to do with virtual products then you have to figure out other means of promoting your contest. So, again it all depends on the contest and what you will be giving away.

You can search over net related sites of your contest and offer web site’s owner free contest in return to getting your product ads or links.

Have you considered social media? Everyone loves free stuff, promoting your competition via Twitter and Facebook may well clock up some viral interest :slight_smile:

Hi, yes i’ve considered viral media, I’m trying to promote a website in the roughly Entertainment/film/flash game genre and giving away a entertainment product. I’m more looking for specific blogs or websites that openly show and promote these types of contests, I don’t mind a small fee.