Help in marketing a free upload site

I just took over a free upload site from a former client who owed money for my services. We made a deal, where I take over this site and the debt would be wiped away. So, here I am with this site, and I have little idea on how or the best way to market the site.

Any suggestions?

What makes your site unique from all the other uploading sites?

It is a very saturated market, with a good portion of uploading sites going after the illegal uploads crows by paying them for uploads as a way of marketing which has worked wonders for FileServe and FileSonic before they shut up shop.

Other ways to differentiate though would be offering faster uploads and/or downloads, format conversion, streaming video, file/video embedding, etc.

What’s the site?

intlnews, ask yourself this question from Ted S. Another thing that you can do is to ask that client of yours about the techniques that they have previously done to advertise their site. Perhaps you can get something from those. Who knows if one of the methods they use still works?