How to get more traffic from Reddit?

I have heard that people are having more traffic from reddit rather than Facebook or other social media sites.
So my question is how can i get more and more traffic from Reddit? Can anyone has any idea on it.

Getting traffic from Reddit entirely depends on what type of content your site has. Reddit is basically a news aggregator, so an overwhelming majority of any traffic you get from the site is going to be burst traffic. Of the thousands upon thousands of links I have clicked from Reddit, there are only a few I have intentionally visited again. I found this site through a comment on Reddit.

Something I recently saw do well from Reddit was this guy:

What he did, was he created a very good quality carousel, then aggressively posted in relevant Reddit Subs and answered any questions people asked. You can see that here:

By doing this, he was able to go from almost No Stars on Github, to being in the top overall trending for the month. Actually looking there now, he’s #1 for the month: (If you’re from the future and looking at this, this isn’t relevant)

He’s probably marketed it somewhere else, but when he first posted it to /r/web_design and /r/webdev his project only had under 100 stars. And of course, none of this would have happened if what he made wasn’t in demand and wasn’t very high quality.

If you share your post or article on reddit. And if you can choose right category then It will bring traffic for you. and really huge traffic you will get.

Every time I have to save my favorite links, I always used delicious, stumble and reddit. I agree with them, if you have great content, you will rank.

Be careful about spamming your own website posts/articles on reddit, though. Often times, it will be seen as spam and deleted and/or your account banned.

The post/article generally has to be useful, interesting, or funny in some way. Or have cats.

I have been using reddit for years.I really have not found a quick way to attract visitors by using it.I mainly use it to gain more backlinks.

Submit new link regularly.
Submit new text post regularly.
Active on AskReddit => Ask new question and comment on others post.


Here is something that I’ve found helpful on the subject.

Hope it helps!

Reddit community is totally different form all other but one thing is same

Participate on your targeted category such as web design: comments, likes, dislikes etc.

You profile will get points and you have chances to enter in category as link contributor

its about finding the right category to reshare your links and content in reddit
share with people who are interested in your stuff by finding the right reddit sub

If you really wants to get traffic for Reddit than you need patience .You need to become a trusted users in the eye of Reddit you can not use this only for your personal link promotion you need to make a strong position over there after you become trusted user than you can promote your site as well.

It’s more of understanding the way Reddit works, how to talk to people, and understanding what could be successful. My second post this week is headed to the front page right now, but nobody knows who I am nor do they care. It’s all about the content, the title, and what sub you post in.

Being a trusted member is rare. I am there daily and I think I can only name 1 Redditor. /u/unidan

posting relevant articles and selecting the right category is the way to maintain your reputation to reddit. but don’t overuse it as it can also get you penalize. Reddit have lots of anti-spam ninjas so beware :slight_smile:

Can Reddit is useful to maintain the ranking of Google? I would like to know about it.

Well Reddit is a good site but if you share spams then you will be banned and you will not get any traffic. Share something exciting and try to post something else around the globe.

I used Reddit, I learned many things how submit in reddit.

  1. Story sould be interesting with unique title.
  2. Choose subreddit very carefully, because it must be relevant to your story
  3. If you didn’t find suitable subreddit
  4. You must be active user on reddit
  5. Don’t submit link of a website everytime
  6. you do there comment & vote in other stories and Make friends also.
  7. If you earn more points, using these activities then you go in positive direction
  8. Always remember content doesn’t look like promotion or spammy.

There is simple way to get traffic from Reddit that submit your all article and you will get direct traffic through Reddit.
And if you think that people get more traffic in Reddit than Facebook so it is your miss understanding. Because in whole world people using Facebook more than Reddit.

I feel you can improve your popularity on your reddit post by just increasing the votes, comments and also sharing it on social media networks.