How to get More Traffic From Reddit

i share my blog link but it not bring more traffic what is the reason.

I suppose it will only bring traffic if your blog looks interesting. Also there are so many people using social media to try and draw people to their sites that people are starting to ignore them/be more selective on what they visit?


ok thanks sir

Yes, I think that using social sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc. can help you get more traffic to your blog.

In my opinion if you having more karma points then you will get more traffic first concentrate on karma points

If you want to get large amounts of traffic from Reddit, you have to keep your posts highly relevant to the users. This means more that you tailor your posts to the subreddit that you’re posting in, the better chances of traffic.


I also tried to get traffic from Reddit. But I am not getting as I expected. So, my question is whats you are doing to get traffic? Please let me know.

in my opinion reddit karma points decides your traffic strategies if you have more reddit karma points then our post will be viral. so first gain some 1000+ karma points and then search on e trendy topic suitable for your niche ( search on google trend) and post in subreddit of world news and see your traffic metrics.

tip: for increasing reddit karma points you can try this method ( present i am using this)

create a account in and upload a HD (full HD not screen shoted and watermarked) picture.
take direct image url
and title should be different and eye cache
and share this image via reddit —> pics (sub reddit) —> submit images
and you will get 1 point. if you do this for some time you will get some good karma points.
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in my opinion reddit karma points decides your traffic strategies if you have more reddit karma points then our post will be viral.

This is totally wrong. Karma has absolutely nothing to do with gaining a popular post on Reddit.

Interesting content posted in the right sub at the right time, has everything to do with gaining a popular post. If your content isn’t interesting, then it’s not going to do well. That’s how Reddit works and that’s why people like it. It’s basically a crowd sourced filter for crap (mostly).

You are no more likely to hit the front page with 200,000 Karma than you are with 1. Nobody cares about your Karma, nobody looks at it, and the ranking algorithm definitely doesn’t take it into account.

Good Content + Good Title + Right Sub + Right Time = Popular Post

Unless you’re self posting. Most communities frown on self promotion and it can quickly result in a ban.

create a account in

Also has nothing to do with gaining karma. Imgur and Reddit are entirely different sites. You don’t need an imgur account to upload images. And Reddit does self hosting on most subs now.

submit images and you will get 1 point

Also wrong. Other users have to upvote or downvote you. Posting a bunch of junk to low traffic subs and getting no votes does nothing. Your post will say “1 karma” but that’s your own vote. You no Karma for your own vote.

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thanks for your opinion.

but most of the pro blogger friends follow this strategy and this tip i was gain from a very well known pro blogger. he gave this idea to increase your brand as well traffic.

may be he was wrong with this techniue, but more brand your post would be viral in minutes becuse of your brand.

thanks for your opinion.

It’s not opinion. I’ve spent a lot of time on Reddit over the last 5 or 6yrs and have a couple hundred thousand karma across 4 accounts. I know how the site works very well.

Your “brand” is meaningless unless because there is no way to follow individual posters. Outside of small communities or a select few well known posters, nobody will recognize you or care.

thank you brother for your kind information. i am glad to meet you in this discussion. so i totally agree with your discussion, because i am newbie in reddit and as well as in this blogosphere. and day by day learner, so this much discussions help me a lot to learn and understand new things.
best regards

Thanks all for your information

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