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Hi there. My experiences with reddit is bad .I was post on my own profile due to community’s rule ,but after a months left I can’t see any other visitor hit my post :confused:.why ? What on reddit is must post in the community’s ? What we can’t get the traffic without posting on community’s :confused:? That is problem, help me :cry:

Reddit probably isn’t the best place to promote your site (unless you are paying for advertising), let me explain why:

Let me first note that it is very rare that users follow each other on Reddit. (issue #1 for brands)

Issue #2 is that Reddit is a bit different from most social medias in the sense that users follow “subreddits”, not other users. Subreddits are collections of posts related to a topic, for example, r/pics is a subreddit for pictures. Unless you can build a subreddit related to your site (possible discussion of your site), getting “inorganic” traffic from reddit is tricky.

Unless you really know what you are doing, stick to other social media platforms to promote.


Reddit suffers from several issues the same as relates to trying to get traffic in the first place.

Reddit doesn’t sort posts by time, it doesn’t sort them by value, it sorts them by ‘hotness’ (Read: An algorithm that takes into account a number of factors including newness of the post, upvotes, replies, etc.), so if you’re just making spam content for ‘look at my site’, noone’s going to upvote it, and most will flat out ignore it, if not actively downvote it.

Reddit posts are chasing virality, and lack permanence or pattern.


Ok thank you so much .I got it my answer☺

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Unless you figure it out how to create a viral post on reddit and somehow place your link in it, you wont get much traffic. You need to find the right subreddit, where users will find very interesting what you post. But a post where you just promote your website wont hit a good spot to get traffic. Try to submit a story posted on your website, that might get that subreddit interest, but ii will be hard because they figure out fast that you are doing self promotion.

Actually, Reddit is paid. Reddit is different from other social media sites. You have to first understand Reddit’s algorithm then you will decide whether Reddit is really required or not.
If Reddit does not work then you can try other social media websites. Like: Twitter or Facebook, etc.

The OP has said he has his answer, so there seems little point in offering further advice. Thanks to all who replied. Topic closed.