How to get more traffic from Reddit?

Hello everybody,
It is my first post on this site. I want to talk about social media. Social media sites have received great popularity in the communication, entertainment and marketing arena. :blush:
I am also working on some social media sites for business purposes.
Reddit is one of the popular sites and top leveled site. To get traffic on Reddit seems to difficult to me. Please suggest me some techniques of how I can lead more traffic to my Reddit account.
Waiting for your cordial responses.
Thank you:slightly_smiling_face:

That is like asking what is the perfect cake for a wedding, the best screw for a wall or the best campaign for a business.
Without knowing your business, solutions, contents, this is a hard question to answer. But there are a few questions you can ask yourself to create better marketing campaigns.
Social media is content driven, there is no such thing as magic keywords to drive traffic to your website.
There are many buzzwords for marketing, but what is most important is the content.

What kind of business do you have? What kind of solutions do you offer? To what kind of problems?
Do you do educational content marketing? This is what you should use Reddit for.
What is your audience? Do you know your audience? What kind of jargon they use? If you really can identify with your audience and speak like them, only then you will gain their trust to you and your business and its solutions to the very specific problems of your audience.


Really really carefully lol Reddit can give you lots of traffic, but it’s a very tight community and they are fairly harsh on anything they consider self promotion (from my observations). Answering all of Martin’s questions would help you really fine tune a strategy.

This is the strategy I’m starting next weekend (I’m eventually posting to ProductHunt and want to drive traffic to there, not my actual product):

  • First, I’m posting my thing to /r/sideproject. This lets me start building discussion while I’m developing my project without it coming off as self promotion, since I don’t have a thing yet
  • Then I’ll start posting in relevant subs. My app is related to accessibility tech, so I would start posting to those types of subs. The goal here is to build up Reddit Karma
  • Finally I’ll post on /r/startups. Timing is important on this one as each month they have a special pinned thread to showcase your project. My goal will be to create my listing with a link to my ProductHunt listing to hopefully up my votes on there

It’s possible that you can just randomly post something and it will go viral, but that’s rare. Reddit is more of a longterm game that you want to be working on while you’re getting your product/service ready to handle more traffic.

Unfortunately Reddit isn’t a great place to get effortless traffic

To get the most efficiency you need:

  • find the category that best suits the subject of the resource being promoted;
  • comment on current topics using the search for the keyword of interest;
  • create your own theme;
  • get upvote voices and go up to the top directories;
  • respond to incoming comments.

Thanks for the reply. Your reply is so informative.

Choose appropriate category. Create effective thread and timely response.

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These are some of the ways I know to get traffics from Reddit:

  1. Content is the key, use it properly.
  2. promote in an interactive way.
  3. share your posts to friends
  4. Make relevant posts.
  5. Comment and reply to everyone.

Reddit generates most of the traffic to your site.
You can use Reddit to post images and links with anchor tag.
Select the appropriate community.
You get votes and views in Reddit.

What you post on Reddit matters more because quality content helps us to generate more traffic towards the website. Upvote other users content so that they can do the same for us which will help us to attract majority users attention.

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You need to post unique and engaging content which attract the visitors to your website. Participate on the platforms maybe host an AMA( ask me anything) and have fun.

You need to post accordingly and informative content in order to your website traffic.

One of Reddit’s most powerful features is the subreddit. It’s basically a topic section where users can discuss just about anything you can think of. This is one of the highest source where you get more traffic.