How to Get better Google rankings and more customers for my business?

How to Get better Google rankings and more customers for my business?

Hi there @AminaMbaye. This is the first place to start


You can get good ranking with off page seo technique such as socail bookmarking, Article submission, Press release, Blog posting , Directory submission


Building quality back links are also helpful. And do not forget about picking relevant keyword, right keyword increases google ranking.

Before trying any of those, I strongly recommend that you read Google’s guidelines on link schemes, as most, if not all, of those activities can be problematic.

First thing you should keep in mind, you need to show patience in improving your website rank. Following thing you can do in improving your website google rank-

  1. Always post SEO optimize article
  2. Concentrate on building backlinks from quality site. You can build backlinks through Guest posting, Blog commenting, joining forum such as Cnet
  3. Promote your post on Social sites
  4. Try to speed up your website loading time.
    And be patience, because it is slow process.

Once again, read Google’s guidelines on link schemes. Links which you can easily place yourself Google considers to be of very little worth, and you may run the risk of being considered in violation of their guidelines. Additionally, any reputable site will follow Google’s guidelines and mark such links as nofollow (as we do here), so they will be worthless as backlinks.

Is your website responsive enough to be viewed on various mobile devices/screen resolutions? If not, you should definitely make it more mobile-friendly, because the 2016 SEO tendencies gravitate towards optimization for mobile gadgets. Here’s what Google has to say on that one I bet they know better! :smile:

Use high PR, DA & PA web 2.0 sites, it can be helpful in rankings as well as to get more customers.

It would be helpful if you would explain the abbreviations for anyone who doesn’t understand them. As has been mentioned in other threads, a list of options without details of how and why they should be used is little help to anyone.

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In addition to @Gandalf’s comments above, let me add this:

There is no such thing as a “high PR web site”. I see this kind of comment posted over and over again on the forums, but PR (PageRank, named after Larry Page, one of the founders of Google) is calculated per page, not per site. So it’s perfectly possible (and not unusual) for a site to have one page with high PR and others with very low PR.


No, all reputed website have no-follow tag. and Guest posting helps you in many ways such as increase your traffic etc.

Currently, It`s strongly recommended to avoid Article Submission, Social Bookmarking and Low Quality web directory. Because with the recent Google Penguin update (effects on Real Time), Backlink from such low quality website can seriously damage your website,

Rather then working on Bulk Link Building focus on Quality Link Earning.


And this is fair, in my opinion, because the sites with authority should rank better than those which have no valuable content or spam. But linkbuilding strategies takes time and it’s hard to earn good links that are appropriate to the content of your website.

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Again, be very careful you don’t violate Google’s guidelines.


Thanks for sharing this video! Its helluva useful!:grinning:

There are two factors that play an important role in the search engine optimization. The first is content and the second is a backlink. Content is the information about your offering which include your product and services. That should be fresh and unique. If the content is not unique then there no use of any backlink. Whereas the backlink is counted as a vote to your website from specific domains. Therefore, it should be fresh and unique from relevant domain.

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