How can i improve Google ranking of my website

Looking for the fastest way possible to help get our website to the first page of Google. If there was one thing that could help more than others and be the most efficient what would it be?


That’s easy. smile Ensure you have unique content which is of a higher quality than your competitors.

I know you only asked for one thing, but I will add another, as it is very important.

Read and follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Do not try tricks and shortcuts to manipulate results, as these may result in your site being penalised.

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SEO optimization + linkbuilding. Nothing new.
You will be on the front page very soon, but after that Google put you down, be ready for that

Yes indeed, if you create links to try to manipulate ranking. That is one of the things Google (and other search engines) specifically forbid, which is why I keep saying to read the guidelines and follow them.

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Hello@TechnoBear, thanks for your additional inputs.I will surely take care of the Content.Also please suggest me some information which i need.

Hello,Thanks for your inputs but I already did many things back-linkings ,internal links, blog posting, keyword research but still i cannot rank my site on SERP. Please suggest me some spot on that i can rank my website.

I’ve already done that: I pointed you to Google’s guidelines.

If you’re a beginner in SEO, then you can start with Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide”, but do make sure you take time to read the full guidelines later. They are there to help, after all.

There are no tricks and shortcuts to ranking highly. There is no guarantee you will ever reach the first page. You need to have quality content which matches the parameters of the search request. If not, it doesn’t matter how many links you have, or how many blog posts you’ve made, your site will not appear in the results.

Do you mean you don’t rank well, or that your page doesn’t appear at all? because those are two entirely different problems.

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Thank you so much, your answers really helps me a lot.

my page doesn’t rank well.

To Improve google ranking of your website you have to complete these tasks

  • Perform a Technical SEO Audit
  • Fix duplicate content
  • Optimize your mobile version
  • Optimize for website speed
  • On page optimization

Hello vermashreya926 thanks for your valuable informaton. it really helps me alot

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It would ‘really help you alot’ if it wern’t all completely wrong.

  • Perform a Technical SEO Audit - How? What value does this provide? How does this actually affect a ranking in ANY way?
  • Fix duplicate content - Assumptive, but if you do have duplicate content, yes, remove it.
  • Optimize your mobile version - Completely unrelated to ranking.
  • Optimize for website speed - Completely unrelated to ranking.
  • On page optimization - Vague, buzzwords that mean nothing. Give a reason or example.

Are you sure?

Do you have any source anywhere that says that google factors in website loading speed into their ranking?

How would you even measure that without bias from your own spider’s location? The exact same website loaded from one side of the world, or the other, will have a different load time.

It seems not.

No I don’t, which is why I asked. However, the fact that Google provides PageSpeed Insights suggests speed matters.

Actually, I counter my own statement by finding something that actually says it DOES factor in as of July 2018, though I do note that they make sure to say

So I withdraw my statement about speed, with the above caveat. If your website is running on a potato, then yes, speed is a factor.

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thanks for shatring valuable information