How to Find and Remove Broken Links in Your Website

How to Find and Remove Broken Links in Your Website?

My site have many broken links but i don’t know how to find and delete them. Please help

Are you looking for broken links from your site to other sites? If so, the tool that RyanReese suggested will do the trick. I have used it myself, and found it quick and easy. The free version only lets you check 3,000 pages at a time, but that shouldn’t be a problem for most sites.

As far as fixing the broken links are concerned, that’s your responsibility. The tool will tell you which pages the links are in, but it’s up to you to find the relevant links within the page and to make the corrections.

Or are you looking for a way of finding links to your site from other sites? One way to do that would be to examine your web logs to see which referrer sites point to your 404 error page, if any. But that’s a hit and miss process, if only because, by definition, a broken link might not even reach your site. You could also look in Google Webmaster Tools, but the same limitations will apply.

Nor is there any easy way to fix the links you do find. You would have to contact the webmasters or operators of the sites in question, and hope they will take the time to fix the links.


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Thanks for the link because I’ve never used it and still have to evaluate the tool. That said, I can assure you that you’ll definitely be happy with a tool that offers similar functionality . It’s called Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool. The tool is a very robust one and allows for running your site against multiple on-page and technical SEO guidelines.

I like Xenu because the reports are extensive and may be downloaded to monitor progress.

There are many sites available to find the broken links, such as,

  • W3C Link Checker
  • Google Webmaster Tools

After finding the broken links follow the steps given below:

  • Find the updated link
  • Replace the link with new one
  • Remove old one

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