How to check for broken links

Hello! Does anyone have good suggestions on tools that check for broken links? My company’s web site is hundreds of pages, and is quite outdated, so I would like to check for broken links.

Free is obviously preferred. And if it is hosted (ie. I submit our URL on the web, and a report pops up in browser), even better. But let me know what you all use!


There is the W3C link checker, I’ve not used it myself so can’t say how good/bad it is.

That one will check the links on one page at a time. With the Xenu link checker installed on your computer (its a free download) you can check an entire site containing hundreds of thousands of pages with one call instead of having to check one page at a time.

You could also use free version of Advanced Link Manager, great tool…


use broken link checker in iwebtool

it helps you to check broken link

Another free widget -

If you’re using a Mac, Integrity ( works pretty well.

I am using W3C link checker and it’s really good to check broken links.

You can try this

As Felgall recommended - the Xenu linkchecker is very good for checking a whole site.

To do instant checks on individual pages I use the FireFox addin LinkCheck - it highlights all the good links in green, the broken ones in red.


u can check exactly in webmaster tool also

you can download Xenu and this is good software that you can check so many thing as well as broken links.

Following is the site where you can find the solution of your problem step
by step.

How to Find and Remove Broken Links in Your Website