Find broken link via database

I have a question about in database broken links, I have in my database more than 100K links, which the 1000 of those are broken or even more. What is the best way to find if links are broken ? So i can delete and clean up the site.

Sometimes the link wich redirect to extern website are not broken but the image links are broken.

Is it possible to crawl complete database and delete using a checkbox or delete all.

Thanks in advance.

Whew, that’s an awful lot of links!

Doing in manually would be extremely tedious.
Doing it with a script would be resource intensive.

And on top of that you would need to decide what qualifies as “broken”.
For example, is a Not Found broken?
Could be the link is no more, but it could also be only a temporary problem.
Though I think Gone links would be safe to remove.

Maybe try saving all the links to an Html page, upload and try Xenu:

The reporting is excellent, I think it only works on Windows platforms.

Thank you very much it helped me allot, the website is now clean :).

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Is it possible to do that with a script wich will crawl the database.

For example


If url gives 404 error

update row STATUS set + 1, so i can select from status and deactivate link or delete.

You just need to decide how many 404s over what period indicate a really dead link from one that is temporarily inaccessible.

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