How to improve broken links and increase page ranking? Anyone help me

I think there are broken links on my webpage because page ranking, not increased. Suggest to me how to fix broken links and I can increase my page ranking.

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Hi there @Princebadhan I have removed the link from your post as it’s not needed. It just looks like self-promotion.

If you want to fix broken links then simply remove links to non-existent pages. It’s that simple. If you need help in finding which pages on your site are linking to non-existent pages there are several online broken link checkers you can use.

I am pretty sure Google Search Console notifies you of broken links. I am also pretty sure that Google does not penalise you ranking wise for broken links, other than the fact that the content linked to but not found would not be used for ranking purposes.

As the others have mentioned, Google Search Console (formerly known as Webmaster tools) does offer a “coverage” menu item that can show you links that are broken or for some reason not being indexed. If you haven’t signed up with that, I strongly suggest you do. That coverage report tells you all sorts of reasons why pages might not be indexed and cause issues with ranking (due to lack of being put into Google search results).

You can also find several free tools that will crawl a website and report bad links to you. Just check Google search for “free broken link checker” and you will find tons of websites that offer the service. Some are obviously better than others.

As mentioned Google doesn’t necessarily punish you for broken links, but for better SEO you want to make sure all links are working as much as possible. If you link to your own content, and that content moves later, make sure you put in the proper redirects to move the visitor from the old link to the new link rather than letting it just break. You want to make sure visitors stay as much on your website as you can and not push people out with dead links. You can read more about this under the term “seo link juice”

The last thing I will mention is that if you want to increase your page ranking, it is very simple. Do the following things…

  1. Create good content that people want and enjoy. “Content is king”
  2. Get highly respected and popular sites to link to your great content. That their “link juice” will flow down to you.
  3. Don’t abuse search engine ranking algorithms with things like keyword stuffing, multiple page URLs pointing to the exact same content or creating pages that are purely designed just to capitalize on keywords.

If you create content people want and others want to link to, you will naturally have people gravitate to your site and thus increase your rankings. One great article can change your site. Even after years of being available. I still have content that I wrote years ago drawing in great traffic because people find it useful.

Good luck to you. :slight_smile:

Once you identified your broken links Then it will be much easier to fix them. If broken link are internal then just simply make the changes within your page by renaming or moving the link to the correct places. If the link are external then check the site to that you link to and try to correct them or remove the link.

Research the broken link with Web Archive and create better content than them to increase your chances of replacing that broken link . Never send your link in the first email. Always ask the website owner if he would like to see your link. Always follow up.

As the OP hasn’t returned to the topic, there seems little point in offering further help. Thank to those who replied. Topic closed.