How to find a top end outsource designer


I am looking to find a high end designer that I can regularly outsource a lot of work to.

Can anyone point me in the best direction to look - EG design forums, sites, design jobs boards etc

I do use 99designs and although it has its uses, I am really looking for someone high end that will charge me an hourly rate rather than getting competition stlye entries for a prize amount.


Where are you located?

There are so many ways to find a designer, either via the myriads of directories out there, freelancer sites such as Freelance Switch, CSS galleries, Dribbble, and tons of other places. The important thing is to check out the work a designer’s done for previous clients, and their own portfolio, obviously.

All of that would be too much hassle for me though, so I’d probably post a job ad on a few sites such as Authentic Jobs and their kin. There are so many of these boards out there. See this list, or [URL=“”]this one.

Job board postings can be good, but they also can get you tons of emails, links, and resumes to sift through. I think you might be better off seeking out the talent you need on your own rather than getting mass amounts of replies to an ad.

As mentioned, check out some of the design forums, portfolio sites, and directories.

It’s also great to work with someone who comes recommended. Maybe ask around among colleagues, clients, friends, etc., if they know anyone and would recommend anyone.

When you say designer, are you looking for someone to do photoshop for you, or to write html/css, or both :slight_smile: