Where to find a designer?

I need to design a website for my small business. Problem is, I cannot find a designer. I’ve checked out Elance and could not find really strong guys there. Then I’ve browsed through CSSBeauty portfolio sites. I did liked them all, but these guys have budgets from $7500 and up to 50000 for website. That’s crazy and I can only pay $1500 for a website.

What I should I do, guys? Thanks for suggestions or contacts beforehand.

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go to freelancing sites for sure you can find one there, or try digitalpoint

You could try freelancer websites like freelanceswitch.com. It’s free to post a job ad on their board for freelance web designers/developers.

Why don’t you try purchasing a template from a site like ThemeForest, and then hiring someone to customize it for you (or better yet, you customize it yourself)? Some designers may charge less for modifying a template than they would for a complete custom design.

Honestly I don’t think it’s crazy, like with most things in life, you get what you pay for. People who charge that level of money do so because their skills are in a peak of demand and their knowledge probably outweigh’s anyone you’ll find hanging around a bidding site like Elance. While your budget is going to be the determining factor, if you want the best, you often have to pay out and beyond what you would commonly expect (at least for a major name or studio). :slight_smile:

Hi Benedek,

Yes, please post your job to the marketplace so you can have a better response to all providers who are offering design services.

There are many places you can find designer.There’s a marketplace on here and a few other forums you can goto. Also places like odesk, rentacoder, hire a designer (not positive if that the actual name)

I think it all depends on what you realy need! I think you should be able to find someone who would do a static website for 1500, but as soon as there is database involvement I think you’re screwed. I think you should describe your wishes a bit better and who knows is there someone arround who is willing to do the job!

By the way, are there no decent designers in Kazakhstan?

To find a designer, you can review freelancing sites on this blog: http://findacoder.blogspot.com/2010/08/best-freelance-sites-in-2010.html

In addition to the above, there’s also some useful job posting sites here:


How about craigslist, or your local ads?

For that kind of budget, you might want to consider purchasing a template for your CMS and customizing it from there. It’s certainly faster and cheaper than designing and coding a site from scratch.

1500 is enough for a website,if you check the sitepoint maketplace,I think you can find one good designer,and elance is another option,1500USD is a very high price for one website on there.

Have you tried the SitePoint Marketplace? The budget you have isn’t particularly great though if you want anything other than a small static website.