Ideas on finding the right local designer?

We’re looking for the right local (NY Metro area) design talent to help us on a regular basis with site updates, landing pages, new site rollouts and print design. The candidates we’ve found locally just haven’t been up to the level we’re looking for with respect to creativity and design principles. Can anyone suggest where we should be looking for solid, well rounded design talent?

If you are looking for an agency then Yellow Pages would just be the best place. If you are looking for a Freelancer you might try the various freelancer websites or even forums. Any specific reason why you want to go with a local talent?

You can find local talent through local news paper ads or if you find through internet. i would suggest you to publish your ads over or

Thanks guys. PromptSpace - we’d like the designer to be situated in our corporate HQ, to have fast access to the rest of the marketing department. I actually found some nice sourcing sites like and might be a good idea to checkout if you’re looking to get exposure as a designer. Made by the same company that makes Basecamp.