How do i start as a freelance graphics designer?

I am a freelance graphics designer and i am really looking for some work in logo area especially. please help me know how do i start as the websites for freelance work on support experts and i never get a bid right… I am from Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

Why don’t you try these two sites! is a sister site of SitePoint (so you know it’s gonna be good :stuck_out_tongue: ). Also check out [] which is run by Google.

Both sites are so-called ‘crowdsourcing’ websites, meaning that they have people post contests that designers can submit entries for. You’ll have to compete to win, but if you’re good enough, you should get some work. Check 99 designs first - it’s specifically targeted towards designers, whereas Prizes is targeted towards general work. This said, the quality of work found on (in my opinion) is quite low - if you’re good you should be able to sweep away the competition.

Also try normal freelance sites like elance, [], or []

Good luck!

It’s not easy to get your feet wet in the world of web design. The competition is fierce, as you’ll know.

A good start would be:

Check out some of the articles posted there, as many of them are targeted at freelance novices.

Other than that you could start by creating a project for yourself and place that in your portfolio.

To gain exposure, you might also want to consider creating an open source template/theme and find a popular magazine/website that is willing to distribute your design and simultaneously advertise your services. This method can be a good way to get some exposure.

This is really valuable information to all those who are trying to start on Graphic Design and Internet Marketing too. I will surely have a look at them