How to earn $1 a month from blogging

  1. backlink

  2. SEO

  3. traffic

  4. Quality content

  5. Meta DESCRIPTION and Meta TItle

          LET'S Doing

Optimize and promote your blog to have a good ranking in SERP that way you will get tons of visitors and your PR will soon increase. If that happens you will earn $1 a day :wink:

haha, people are aiming for $1 per click from Google Adsense, and you are aiming for just $1 per month!
Actually that’s very easy, get some free PLR articles and rewrite and post in your blog every day. Then actively participate in forums, and search for many blogs to make comments on the blogs.
I have compile some websites for getting free PLR content here

Earnings mainly depend on effective clicks.And clicks are not equal to traffic/visitors.Improve your SEO,frequently updated contents,original contents,etc.

What does “when your blog is know to google” mean?
My blog is indexed by google, does it mean “it is know to google”
If so how can i to earn money

I know the goal is low, but i just want to start with a dollar first.

With only 18 visitors in a month, you’ll struggle to earn just 1 cent let alone 1 dollar, so stop focusing on earning money (just for now) and concentrate on increasing the number of visitors.

Take another look at your Google Analytics and ask yourself:

  • How did these visitors find my site? From a search engine, another site or direct?
  • If via a search engine, which keywords did they use?
  • If from another referrer which one and why?
  • How can I make people aware of my site so that they visit direct?
  • What can I do to make my site interesting to make a visitor return?

Once you start thinking like this and adding content that people want to read, your visitors will increase, and you stand a chance of earning some money. How much depends on the content of your site and how many people know it’s there.

I’ve just visited your site and think that we might have overlooked the blindingly obvious! I can’t see any adverts that will earn you money!

Set yourself up with an Adsense account and you’ll start earning something almost straightaway.

Just don’t forget about me when you’re a millionaire.

Nice one Jon Buoy

I agree with what he posted. Don’t think about earning in the first place you need to create a kick *** content and be sure you optimize your blog in SEO purposes like your keywords. Then do all the promotion techniques and traffic will follow.

Thank you all again. I will concentrate on providing values for visitors from now on! Screw the dollar! Currently trying to figure out “How to add content that people want to read” and “What can I do to make my site interesting to make a visitor return”

Show you blog…it is easy to earn …

$1 a month? hardly a goal to achive that. too easy $100, $1000 etc etc thats more like it

To me, earning $1 is like going to the moon!

just put some adsense are your site

Why you are aiming at that amount of money per month only? Will it do any help to you at all?

This is your monthly stat or daily stat?

Well it’s easy i got a blog and i am having like $4 a month from it with 400 page view a day, not including the clicks they do, if they do you get like $.08 per click, including the clicks i earn like $8-$10 a month from my one blog.

To MichaelRay: that’s my daily stats.
To Choji: 400 page view a day<---------wow

  1. update every day
  2. SEO
    -------------------------> LET’S TRY BRO

That’s very hard if you only want to make a dollar a month =)