Blogging for money?

I admit I’m somewhat of a blogging noob but I’m interested to find out if any of you make money out of your bloggs? If so do you think it’s a worthwhile thing to get into as a business? And how would you make money out of your blog?

Tips and info please! :slight_smile:

It is not bad to earn money from the blog. I use google adsence to make a money.

You can use affiliates and review product & services of others.

You are right. Putting an adsense to your blog makes you earn money. Then, if you want there are some site who’ll pay you just giving reviews on their blogs.

I will prefer to use Google Adsense as well as affiliate programs to make money through blog but for that you need to get some good amount of traffic to your blog first.

I’m just starting too, probably not going to use adsense, just good content and some related affiliate products, and i’ll let you know how it goes;).

There isn’t anything wrong with earning money with your blog. Believe it or not, there are some bloggers out there who make enough to support themselves and their families! I think, though, that the way you earn money with your blog does matter to your audience. Blogs that are covered in ads but don’t get updated regularly will quickly lose traffic, as will blogs that are too paid-post heavy. Of course, it all depends on the type of blog you have!

I have one personal blog and I no longer do any advertising or paid posting on it. This is because I want my readers to know that when I put a link for something up on my blog it is because I have explored it personally and want to reccommend it to my readers, not because I was paid to put a link up. Of course, my personal blog has a very small audience. If it was larger, I might put some advertising in the sidebars, if I could control what was displayed :slight_smile:

My professional site is also ad free, but that is mostly because I want people to focus on MY services, not those of the advertisers.

Well, blog about something you have passion in. By doing so, you would not feel being “forced” to blog, whereas if you blog for money you would probably feel burnout after some time. Also, if you blog about things you are passionate about, you would probably become a subject matter expert in the process and thus your readers will come back to your blog for advice.

Attracting traffic is the main thing apart from placing ads. We should write consistent and focused content. More focused content will get more relevant ads from Google adsense and there is a possibility of visitors clicking the relevant ads.

If you have the willingness and interest to your blog, making money for blog is easy. As long as you are updating your blog, posting good contents, good designs that may attract visitors, and promoting your site off-page.

Theres a good offer here:

An affiiate scheme that offers up to £1000 per month for placing their ad on your site/blog. I only got offered £50 a month - but then my blog is very new & a bit cr*p!


one more good thing about your blog is that apart from earning from advertisements, you can also use it to attract more visitors to your main site. which could mean more traffic for your main site plus more ROI.

The above tips are valid and useful, but no matter what you learn, it will be useless if you do not have enough time dedicated in doing them. In addition, if you really want to get into more business blogging you got to spend too. Just be careful when spending as there are many scams on line…tons of them.

By the way, the link to your sig - “Cool Quotes” is dead. Better check it again, and double check it before hitting it.

Good luck!

In my experience you need a lot of traffic to make money with adsense unless you have a great niche or something.

thanks everyone. thats actually a really big help.

How much time would you say is needed? I mean it can’t be like a full time thing or anything right?

What sites pay you for giving reviews? Im interested.

If your not in a hurry and want to build the site naturaly, you can do it with 5 mins a day, if you need the cash quicker, then its time = money, there are a few tools out there that will assist in posting to your site, at dedicated intervals, but most will cost you some money, if you want to know them then please drop me a line.

I don’t think it’s that bad…

I know some people doing that but despite of having bad impression to them,
I actually admire those people.

They said,“Practicality boy, be practical. Do not offer a thing when you will not get something in return.”

I cannot be specific and I think no one really can give one. This is due to many factors that will help you or hinder you from doing so.

So before believing anybody that you can make make money on line that easy, I suggest that you read a lot and here’s one of them - [B]So You Want To Be A Rich And Famous Blogger Eh[/B].

But I must warn you that this is a very long post. This will not teach you how to make money on-line through its affiliate links and then dump you after you sign in, or selling something you that you do not actually need. This post will tell you about the different kinds of bloggers and why they don’t make money out of their blogs.

But in the end, the blogger will share his insights about the right attitude we should have to reach our goal - making money out of blogging.

Good luck to us!

A blogger should not follow the crowd. Be careful of hype. Chow or Cow. I don’t know which is which. Believe in experimentation. The majority is wrong.