How much money do you make from your blog?

Could everyone give me some idea of how much traffic your blog gets and how much money it make every month?

thanks for sharing.

None, and thousands.

I only have a personal blog, and it does not carry advertisements, so it makes no money.

But it does allow me to stay connected with people, drive traffic to my products and services, and reassure potential customers that there’s a live person behind the products supporting them. It also brings in job offers regularly. All that leads to a lot of real money.

Interesting topic, i’d be really interested to see. I’m fairly new to all this and just have a couple of websites/blogs but don’t really make much money at the moment - I think there’s probably lots of people making a little bit and a few people making alot.

Just like any industry I suppose.

I have had a blog for 3 years now in the highly competitive world of finance. It has an aged domain going back to 2006 so this helps a lot. I have only posted two new articles in 2009 and still it is at number 2 in Google for 3 of my search terms out of 1m+ other sites.

Still, it only averages $15 a day every day and it’s never going to make me a millionaire!

Time is one of the biggest factors of any successful blog.

not much,…couse i do blog n its fully content download…n ads its adsense…so to macth mete keyword with content its sumthing diffcult things…so i suggest you to write article like medical or others where have high keywords :smiley: but your content must be strong :smiley:

It takes time to make money from blogs, you need to create lots of unique content and most importantly lots of links… Other than adsense think of related affiliate programs and in text ads… Think multiple streams of income adding up to a total monthly income…

Using a blog as a direct revenue source probably should not be your number one goal for doing a blog.

Well, I just got my new blog, so I can’t tell how much I make and i haven’t done it with the purpose of how much I going to make. I did it to connect with people and help them. Money will come last

I believe that many of the bloggers here are in the range of $3 to $30 per day !!! And most of them have ADSENSE as the main advertisement source.

Basically, what you earn from Blogs depends on the kind of work you do. If your Blog has a lot of Unique and helpful Content then your Blog will have High rankings in the Search Engines and will have High amount of Traffic. If your Blog high Rankings and Higher Traffic, you will Earn more amount of Money from your Blogs.

You will find many Blogging Programs on the Internet which will teach you how to create Blogs and Earn money from it. However, I would suggest you, Not to use these kind of Programs. Instead, you should study more on Blogs which have high rankings and some SEO Techniques and then create Blogs of your own.

I make about $30 from blog. It is paid postings, Google Adsense, and Private advertising but it is something. I think this month I will hit $60 to $70. This is a high month for me. Greg Ellison

Obviously, to start any serious monetizing strategies, a blog must already have a massive stream of traffic and readers. Note:it doesn’t always apply. It depends though on your choice of monetizing. For adsense, chitika and other PPC, traffic is the number one factor. But for let’s say, promotions like on affiliate marketing, a bigger reader base is much more important (and bloggers make more money on affiliate deals.)

The normal blogger should at least have 100 USD per month. For the bigger bloggers, the average is about 1000 USD per month. It varies on how good you are at it.

I got less than 100 IP everyday. It’s too little.

Of all my sites I only have one blog, I don’t update it very often, I created it with wordpress to have an experience with wordpress since I always use Drupal, but then the site broke down following a surge in traffic and I decided to port it to drupal. I don’t make much money with it, but it’s because I don’t put efforts into it, otherwise it has potential.
But only a few hundreds visitors a day at the moment and little adsense money, that’s it.

My traffic is from google, web site just created a short period of time, the main is content. suggest that you organize the content first, and then digg or social network to promote, I believe that soon there will be traffic. But the premise that the quality of your articles!

Hosting your blog on wordpress(.com) has a disadvantage because
Google Adsense ads cannot be placed on your blog. You would have to
host your blog on some other hosting service.

$10 / day :slight_smile:

I have 3 blogs, 50 $ from each

Nowadays, I do not put any ads on my blogs, and definitely make nothing from them. The purpose of those blogs to me is for link building.

I use blogs for sharing my thoughts and to know peoples perceptions about my thoughts and started using it for improving traffic to my site for couple of weeks. Have to wait to earn some from it.