How to do seo to improve search ranking?

Google did not rank my website related to Online education

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When you say Google didn’t rank your site, do you mean that it doesn’t appear high up in search results, or that it doesn’t appear at all in search results?

Website doesn’t appear high in search results

There could be many reasons for that. It may be that the quality of your site is poor, or it may simply be that you are in a high competition niche, and there are many good-quality sites all competing for the rankings.

If you are new to SEO, I suggest you start with Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide”. Follow that carefully and ensure you’ve done everything right.

We have many threads here asking about increasing ranking, so I suggest you look around the Marketing section and read a few of those. For example:

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What activities you do for your website???

There are different factors that might cause your website not to rank high in Google. I suggest you consult a professional SEO to check it for you or you can actually do it yourself.

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We have to Create our back links and increase our google ranking and submitting the listing in various website depends upon the ranking of that particular area

Sorry, but that advice is long out of date. The most important factor in ranking your site is high-quality, unique content.

Backlinks which you create yourself are regarded as pretty much worthless by search engines, and creating them with the deliberate intention of manipulating search position is a violation of TOS which can lead to your site being penalised.

You can do offline seo to generate more traffic towards your website. Backlinks is the the one of the most appropriate way to improvise your website.

Please read the post immediately above yours, which explains why this is poor advice.

Sorry but I disagree. You can have all the natural content on your website you want, but if you don’t have backlinks it will not work. What is true is that if you create good quality content people will link to it and that will in effect raise the rank of your website. As an example, my wife is a photography and we created a review of rechargable batteries. Because there was no other content about this topic on the internet, the content was at times shown to people searching for the appropriate search term (GODP Batteries). Because the content was good we ended up getting a number of backlinks to the article. This in effect significantly lifted the entire site. Now if you search on google for GODP batteries, the article ranks higher than many reputable pages - (even amazon). The next step from there is take the link value from that page and pass it onto your other pages. In our case this is automatically done through all the links in the navigation which distribute the page rank to the many pages on the site. You can do it more purposefully though and have your nav links designated as no-follow and have only specific links directed to specific landing pages. This is just one example of a good strategy.

Keep in mind this is only covering backlinking. There are many other aspects to SEO, which in general are defined as on-page or off-page.

Hope this helps.

I don’t disagree with you that links which you have earned through having great content are well worth having.

My point was simply that the “create backlinks; nothing else matters” approach advocated by others in this topic has long since had its day, and is now more likely to get you into trouble than get you a higher ranking.

Create amazing content, and or buzzworthy content.
Get links to that awesome site.
Thats 95% of it.


If you wish to improve the search ranking, you would need to -

  1. Publish content which is relevant. As you know, content is king in today’s world, you must always have quality content on your site. The users are looking for information and if they do not find useful content on your site, they will find another source which does! It would be advisable for you to hire a writer, who can do the job efficiently. There are many portals out there where you can find an author.
  2. Update the content on your site on a regular basis. Fresh content keeps the target audience interested!
  3. Do not place ‘click here’ links! It does not have any search engine value.

Hope this helped, my friend! :slight_smile:

It depends upon the keywords selected. If your keyword has high competition then you need extra effort than normal to get the ranking. It all depends upon the quality of the backlinks and how authoritative the website is where you are getting the backlinks.

It all depends on the quality of your content. Having high-quality links may help, but in order to earn those, you need to have quality content in place first.

Since google is the most popular search engine it definitely makes sense that you expect to see your site ranked higher in google. Age of the site has to do a lot with the rankging as well. If your site is just couple months new then its common to be so. Try to get more dofollow backlinks, & backlinks. If possible create a blog or comment on related blogs. I would highly recommend submitting press release.

What website optimization strategies have you used? Or have you used any?

There are millions of website in the internet these days. Getting your website recognized by search engines and have it appear in the first pages of the search results will require a solid work.

One of the most effective ways is to create a valuable and relevant content. You have to create a content that captures the interest of the audience. Finding and using the right keywords also helps.

But if you really want to ensure your website will be ranked high, work with an SEO expert.

don’t forget to add your website from the google webmaster tools!