How can I improve the ranking of my niche site?


I’m new to this nice forum and I directly have a question!

I have created a niche site about Top iOS Free and paid Apps, but I don’t have a lot of text on it …

How can I improve my ranking? I already have a good Page Load Time, small page size, and good meta descriptions. I have planned to build a few Backlinks but do you know some more methods to rank in top 10 Google Results?

Welcome to the forums, @leonbuchner.

I think you’re going to have your work cut out trying to reach the top ten, given the level of competition in your niche. If you are new to SEO, then the place to start is Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide”. Make sure you have followed all the relevant advice there, and that will get you off to a good start.

Despite what you may read elsewhere, creating backlinks is not the solution to ranking well, and hasn’t been for a number of years now. Links which you place yourself are pretty much worthless. The only links worth having are those you’ve earned, where another site chooses to link to yours because of the quality of your site.

I interpret this as meaning you don’t have a lot of quality content on your site yet. You might want to worry about this first before you get into the nitty-gritty of SEO.

If you improve your ranking of your niche, Social media and post fresh content is the best method Firstly talk about content, everyone post a blog and they have a problem related to traffic, visitors. If you post a blog Firstly check your client need or your audience need then post article. In social media post some eye-catche and interesting content that helpful for you audience that’s the way you can easily improve your ranking.

Create high quality backlinks for your website to get better ranking.

Did you read the thread before posting?

Creating links with the intention of manipulating search resuilts is a violation of search engines’ guidelines, and may lead to your site being penalised.


First you need to have enough quality content on your website. You can blogs to your website, case studies.
To rank well you have to keep adding fresh content on the website.
You get good ranking if you have good CTR, so you can increase CTR through social media and paid campaigns.

Good CTR from where, @eluminousva2? If you mean from the actual search engine pages, I don’t understand how using social media will affect that.

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To improve the ranking of a site:

  1. First improve content quality.
  2. Check business keywords.
  3. Use white hat seo strategy.
  4. Do proper on-page activities.
  5. Be active on social media platform.

@Danininfotech: a reply which is simply a list like this is not really very helpful. For one thing, it relies of members already understanding the steps you list, and many of our members are newbies who do not.

For example, what do you mean by “Do proper on-page activities”? Which activities are those? You may know, and I may know, but others reading this topic may not.

Please don’t make posts which are simply lists. It is much more helpful to choose one or two activities and explain them in more detail.

This will have no direct effect on search ranking, although it may help to drive traffic.

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