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I am working over my new website. It has 30-40 daily number of users and 100-150 pages views. I do comments in forums, blogs and where ever I get place. But it does not show much effect. What should I do now?

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If you’re doing that with the intention of link-dropping or otherwise promoting your site, then I’m not surprised it’s having little effect. To gain traffic by those methods, you need to be posting really interesting or useful stuff which makes people want to know more about you and inspires them to click through to your site.

Also remember that while these methods can help increase traffic, they won’t help your site ranking. Links which you can place yourself are regarded as virtually worthless by search engines, and reputable forums or blogs will mark user-generated external links as nofollow, in accordance with Google’s guidelines.

If you have not already done so, I recommend you download Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide” and work through it. It will give you a good grounding in the basics.

You should also take a look around the Marketing area of these forums, as these questions have been asked and answered here many times before. (Just ensure you read the whole of a thread; not all suggestions made are good ones, so don’t take everything at face value.)


Social Media & Content Marketing are the two major sources of traffic, so you should focus on social networks and start advertisement and marketing. Also don’t forget to build relevant backlinks whether it is guest post or blog commenting.

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You haven’t read the previous post by @TechnoBear or you would know why this is of no help.

Definitely concentrate on your SEO.

Your website exists to fill some purpose. It has information “about” something, and you want people to come read it. So you must have some idea of what keywords and phrases you are targeting. Whatever your keywords are, start finding out where you rank for them. Are they too generalized and thus have far too much competition? Are they so micro-niche that almost nobody is searching for it?

Find out who your competition is for those keywords, try to do something better than they are doing. If they have 10 articles on the subject, maybe you need to write 15. If they don’t have the best headlines, titles for those keywords, you can write better.

Organic search results are typically the largest source of traffic, so make sure that is absolutely solid before worrying about posting in forums and blogs and other guerrilla tactics.

Once your content and SEO is solid, you will want to try and leverage someone else’s audience. Find anybody with a lot of followers that are in your niche and try to get in front of them as a guest blogger or speaker or in even just get them to promote or mention one of your articles if it’s good.

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Interesting discussion. Thanks @urdubazarlhr for sharing that file… Will look into it and maybe apply on my new website too… :slight_smile:

Social media, social bookmarking, info-graphics creation, content marketing, Video marketing etc. are the most effective sources to get more traffic for your website. And you can use link building (External Forum, Guest blogging, internal linking, External blogs on web 2.0 sites, the techniques to improve your keywords ranking in SERPs.

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@AjitKhodke: as I’ve already explained in this thread, forum linking and similar tactics will not help your SERPs ranking, as search engines place very little value on links which you can place yourself, and also reputable sites marks such links as nofollow, in accordance with Google’s guidelines. Internal linking may help search engines crawl your site, but will have no direct effect on SERPs.

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You have to focus on both type of SEO i.e on-page and off-page, As we know that content is the king so you have to focus more on content writing as well. Do commenting and forum posting on niche related blogs and forums. It will definetely help you to increase the traffic on your website

But that is what the OP says they have been doing, and it is not increasing their traffic. Of course, as I’ve already pointed out, it would depend on how those things are done. If they’re done purely with the intent of promoting, then it’s not surprising they don’t work. Why would anybody want to visit the site of somebody who is obviously just link-dropping?

Rather than making sweeping statements and repeating what has already been said, it would be far more helpful if you added some detail about the correct way to carry out whatever techniques you are recommending.


Look at these points too:-

  1. Facebook re-marketing
  2. Facebook email custom audiences
  3. Twitter re-marketing
  4. Twitter custom audiences
  5. Build an email list
  6. Blog
  7. Promote your blogs on Facebook
  8. Optimize your site for SEO
  9. Exchange blog posts with other sites
    10.Become a contributor

@accment: a list like that is of no help to anybody. What are those activities intended to do? Will they increase traffic, increase ranking, or both? What exactly do you mean by them, and how should they be carried out?

Rather than posting a useless list like this, please pick one or two activities which you think are most likely to be beneficial, and take time to explain in some detail how to carry them out.


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