Seo site not ranking


my website not ranking i have completed all bookmark directory


Welcome to the forums, @mohansinghanr.

Everybody wants to rank highly, but only one site can hold the top spot; everyone else will be further down the list somewhere. There are no guarantees that you will rank where you want to be. To give yourself the best chance of ranking highly, you need to ensure you have a quality site with unique content.

That will have little or no effect on your ranking. The most important factor is high-quality content, especially if you are in a high-competition niche.

I suggest you start with Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide”, and check that you’ve completed all the recommended tasks.


Bookmarking is not the only solution for this…You have to do all ON page activities properly then try forum and blog commenting.
Forum discussion is the best way to create backlinks .You should try this


No, it isn’t. Really.

Links which you place yourself (which Google refers to as “not editorially vouched-for”) are worth little or nothing in terms of SEO.

Any reputable forum, such as this one, marks user-submitted links as nofollow, in accordance with Google’s guidelines, rendering them useless as backlinks.

Forums such as SitePoint work hard to keep out Spam, and link-dropping here is likely to result in your account being banned.

Creating links with the intention of manipulating ranking is a violation of the terms of service of all major search engines.


SEO is a mixture of lots of things. Only bookmarking is not going to help you. If you want to rank your site on top of search engines you need do social media, content marketing, blog posting etc.