How to develop small blog

I am making short blogs…after reading many things online…Some one said me making authority blog is difficult…
I am just part timer…how can i develop my niche blog easily.:slight_smile:


Nothing worth doing is easy.

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You need to gather lots of knowledge and need some research work to become authority blogger on a particular niche

It is not a big matter whether it is short blog or huge blog, You need to be more innovative for making blogs and should be more involved in promoting the blog.

Just two things for that

  1. Keep it updating,(regular up-dation is necessary)
  2. With unique and fresh data that is really important according to your niche.

i will give you technique to build your blog

  1. Write the contents according to your hobby
  2. update every day minimal 3 content
  3. build backlink
  4. SEO

i hope this tips useful foll all member

BY updating your blog regularly with a good information. Then make it attractive and do all the promotions techniques :smiley:

Yeah I will say good and original content, will spread the word by itself

Be sure that you are ready to spend some of your time adding contents to you small blogs because blogging is a time consuming activities unless you have a writer who will do the writing stuff. Be sure also to choose the niche that you are most familiar with so that it will be easy for you relate.

When your developing small blogs the niche is the key, followed by keyword research. Get these 2 elements right and your definitely on the path to success. Make sure you focus your time on mastering these 2 elements on blog building. :slight_smile:

Keep on updating your blog with quality content and submitting it to top blog and rss directories and bookmarks.

I personally try to keep things simple. I do keyword research (long tail keywords for individual articles), I post at least one article per blog a day, social bookmark the posts on my 5 favorite bookmarking sites, and that’s it for the most part. I don’t spam other blogs for links and I don’t really do links exchanges unless someone asks for it. Some of my blogs are on page one of google, but for the most part I aim for long tail keywords and they bring in over half of my blogs’ organic search traffic to the inner pages of my blogs. I don’t know how the gurus do it, but I just do those things consistently and I’ve getting good traffic to my blogs.

Just make sure that whatever you blog about is what you like, and everything will work out just fine.
P.S. I recommend Wordress for content management system.

I have experience of 5 years in creating blogs and helping others to create blogs…please PM me I can help you…

good news friend:D:D:D

make use of auto robots which can post content itself. BUT posting manual is a good idea.

I think thats a good idea of writing authority blogs as since many users are looking out for those blogs now a days which they find more interactive and less difficult. You can start expressing you knowledge on which ever field you would like to and then start posting you posts in the blogs.

in order for you to be competitive and make your blog have more authority start from beginning learn first from the basic then once you got more experience then you will notice that your blog has now authority. Hard work and patience is needed.