Load Speed

I have some WordPress blogs but all of them are too late to open. They all take around 1 minute to load entirely. What should I do to decrease the loading time?? Give me some plugins name and there best settings according to you so that my site loading speed is decrease. Thanks in advance…

Are you hosted on a shared server?

Yes Anna. I am hosted my site on Shared server…

Try Googling for free page load speed testing tools.

My favourite is:

Not only but also gives detailed instructions on steps to improve performance.

If you find a better tool please reply and tell us the reasons for your preferred tool.

I also prefer pingdom and the list of improvement that pingdom provide me I solve it all.
I use w3 total cache plugin, and minify plugins to compress java script and images. but still it shows 60 seconds loading speed while in other hand gtmetrix displayed only 16 seconds
confuse which is good… another thing is I see two to three times my site on gtmetrix every time tool display different result …

there are many reasons for slow website, you can use the google page gtmetrix.com to measure or speech inside, but it’s best to just use the plugin limitations should demand under 5 plugin, as well as choosing a good hosting problem, selecting quality providers like Blue host, Dreamhost, A2 hosting, or any measures that still did not improve, you should check out the website structure, code can not be repeated? what is important is to use compression tool html, css compression as WP smush.it of yahoo … bringing down the page javascript website … also many images you should use a CDN is reasonable, wish you success

I don’t use W3TC or WSC , i usually use Autoptimize to minify my script and lazy load to improve my image. Let’s try !!!


Site load speed will be increase because of lack of proper code , spaces in code file, number

of plugins and some missing files and images and large amount of content etc.
For word press, we have best plugin called ‘W3 total cache’ which you can download from here

Install it in admin and configure it properly. So your site speed will be increase.Otherwise you can use htaccess script which is available in so many forums.

There some website monitoring tools, from that you can check the issues and configure the whole

For example Pingdom tools - http://tools.pingdom.com/fpt/
It will show you bugs and site speed etc.