How To solve WordPress Website Loading Issue?


i have a website in WordPress i am not technical person just learning.My issue is website loading takes too much time i consult with some
website developers they asked me change your hosting provider or design a custom website.
i changed the website hosting provider and buy a VPS package from a well known hosting company but still facing the same question is have their any other solution then a customized design new website?


Hi @harishameed3322 and a warm welcome to the forum.

Wordpress is notorious for being slow and there are many topics describing how to decrease the loading time.

Please use the search, read the topics, apply the recommendations.

If there are still slow loading problems then please supply a list of everything tried.

I just tested your site using and was absolutely amazed the CSS and JavaScript file sizes!

CSS 38.78% 1.6 MB
Script 36.57% 1.5 MB
Image 15.44% 648.2 KB
HTML 4.73% 198.7 KB
Font 4.43% 185.8 KB
XHR 0.04% 1.8 KB
Redirect 0.01% 217.0 B
Total 100.00% 4.2 MB


I am agree with @John_Betong

  1. Who is your web host? There are lots of different ones.
  2. What plugins are you using?
  3. Are you using a page builder (Elementor, Divi, WPBakery,etc.) These can really slow down performance because they use a lot of inline JavaScript. That’s not to say they’re bad but it’s something you need to be aware of when you’re building a site.
  4. Are you using a cache program and a CDN? I use Cloudflare which has a free option as well as a paid option
  5. Have you run a test on GTMetrix? ( It may give you some insight. You can print out a report from there and post it to the forum (redacting private stuff) and we can give you some better help.

GTMetrix has a WordPress optimization guide as well.

We’re here to help, and yes search to see what you can find. But if you’re not a technical person as you indicate then we are always happy to help.

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