How to check Low quality Back links?

I want to check low quality back-links of my website. I have searched in google but i could not found any free tool to check this. please suggest me how could i found those low quality back-links.

You should sign up for a Google account

Once you do that you can do all sorts of research on your site(s) including learning about other sites that link to yours.

As far as finding “low quality” backlinks, determining what is “quality” would depend on how you define it.

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Their are few of the tools, which show the risk score of a particular back links. I am using one
However it’s not a best tool, but many times useful to determine spammy back links.

We should normally check three things to determine the reputation of website

  1. The Moz Score
  2. The Alexa Rank
  3. The relevancy of website from where we getting the backlink

Neither of those values matters to search engines, and neither is an indicator of a low quality link.

This Google article explains which types of link are regarded as low-quality:

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For checking low quality backlinks, I told SEOProfiler. However i also know that the MOZ matrix just convey the idea about the particular website reputation.

I believe that only google matrix have the right answer, but because they are not public, so we can just have an idea by using these tools and having idea is much better rather then having nothing.

But I think what you have here is an incorrect idea. (If I’ve misunderstood what you’re saying, then I apologise.)

Moz ranking is simply an indication of how well Moz’s own metric predicts that a site will rank in search results. It is possible for a site to have a low Moz ranking (perhaps because it’s quite new) and yet be a reputable site. You don’t want to discard links from a site - especially if those links have been earned, rather than “built” - simply because of a low Moz score.

How can i find spammy back links using seoprofiler

You are absolutely correct. As i said For checking low quality backlinks we can use SEOProfiler but the Moz matrix is also helpful, However it just convey the idea, it does not matter for the search engine

You need to add your website to seoprofiler, then go to Risk Score. It will show you the percentage risk score of a backlink from particular website. Always remember one thing that these tolls just convey the idea, because only google know the real thing, that a backlink is good or not

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Best tool is opensiteexplorer.
Add your website, hit search, all backlinks are ranked by domain rank, page rank, and spam score.
If you want to use it more than 3 times per day they have a 1 month free trial (credit card required)

By this free backlinks checker you can check low quality backlinks .

I tried this tool, i found 3 url with spam score 5. If i disallow them would it effect on my search result.

If you don’t mind will you check my website back-link report, is there any thing wrong. I am new to seo. So it is difficult to me to understand all these things. My website is <snip>.

Sorry, @mahender424, but it’s not appropriate for you to ask other members to do this for you. We can help you learn how to do things for yourself, or you can employ somebody. The forum is not a place to get work done for you free of charge (nor to advertise for somebody to work for you).

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Having read this topic I’m beginning to see why so many continue to exaggerate the importance of backlinks long after they have ceased to be all that important in terms of SEO.

That is, if the truth were to become widely accepted, many “tools” would be consigned to the trash heap.

Unless the “tool” is based on how much traffic a link generates and what the conversion rate of that traffic is, it seems to me the “tool” is useless.

IMHO it would be much better to analyze the links manually and use human judgement.


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