Reliable back link analysis

Can anyone give a recommendation to a reliable back link analysis tool? I have tried many different ones, some report for one website 700 backlinks another reports 7,000 and another one reports 800,000 for the same website.


[FONT=verdana]There is no 100 percent reliable tool. The one that I use is Google Webmaster Tools, but even that doesn’t report every single backlink.

Just think about it. To report every backlink to a given site, a tool would have to have an index to every single page on the web. Even Google doesn’t have that.


Hi friend !
how many backlinks do you have ? it does not matter, but how many natural or quality backlinks are linking with your sites. its the main point to boost your sites ranking.
use Google webmaster tools to analyse the link quality.

results from any tools you’re using wont give you a guaranteed 100% accuracy, but you can use them as basis for you stats and reports…im using backlinkwatch and manual checking for google, bing and yahoo…

Google webmaster tools help in analysis backlinks.

I think Google claim to have indexed about 16% of web pages and other search engines have indexed as much as about 9% (probably a lot less by now as those were the figures a few years ago and the web has growm rapidly since then). Given that at least 84% of web pages are not indexed by any particular search engine there is no way to tell how many pages in that part of the web link to your page. The search engines can only report on the backlinks from the part of the web that they have indexed. So at best you can reasonably say that the number of backlinks you have is at least the maximum number that any of the search engines report and depending on what sort of page it is there may or may not be a lot more links from that part of the web that isn’t indexed. Of course since the search engines don’t know about the billion links to your page from pages that they are not allowed to index they can’t take that into account in ranking your page.

All of them will probably giving true stats. Some tools do not count multiple links coming from single site. Some includes upto 5-10 to keep reports short by just giving information about the domains. And some just give you the scattered links and against one blog comment that software might show you hundreds for links.
The best tool is webmaster-tool if you are dealing with your own website.

Open Site Explorer is my favorite online backlink checker site. It is worth trying if you want to compare backlinks between two or more domains. This tools work best when you have a paid account of SEOMOZ, though free tool is good enough to get you started for checking backlinks of yours and your competitor.